Monday, 30 November 2009

More festive stuff :)

Another day and more preparations for christmas.  Once the boys had safely left for school, MrVV and I headed off to Ipswich for christmas shopping.  Armed with a list and determination that this was to be the only trip there between now and January!

We walked the length of the high street calling into so many shops and hearing the same music over and over - however after 2 hours, we'd finished :) (actually except little sons pressie - that needs collecting later in the week).

Once home it was time to hide the pressies away and hunt out the advent calendars. 

This one I bought when big son was very small - every year the pockets get filled with chocolates, sometimes small pressies and sometimes even treat vouchers.  So far this year its only got a few sweets in there as I forgot to buy any santas or snowmen today in town!

I have my own calendar - only a little one and just pictures behind each door;

Last but not least, I forgot yesterday to show you what little treats I bought myself in Aldeburgh - some gorgeous union jack paperchains which could be used all year round and another notebook (just look at the cover - one of my favourite childhood stories :) )

Right off now to start making christmas cards - am thinking of doing them in batches of 10 - ever wished you'd started preparing for Christmas in August??

Oh remind me next time to show you my new sewing room - lots of work in progress there too.


Kaye said...

I had to chuckle at your comment about wishing you'd started Christmas projects in August. I remember overhearing a lady last September - she had already completely finished her Christmas cards and was trying to buy Christmas stamps. I shall never be that on time either, I'm afraid. :)

Floss said...

You are doing well - I'm kind of in denial about what I have to get done, at the moment. May I borrow some of your lovely festive photos for my next Advent post, please? I will link back to you.