Monday, 3 October 2011

Autumn Swap - The Results

Good evening

Monday again - why do weekends go so quickly? What a hot one it was here in Suffolk - too hot for me and for once I was glad to be indoors and enjoying the breeze from open doors/windows and the fans in the kitchen.

Anyhow back to Friday - a knock at the door and a postie who's now learnt to give me extra time to get there to answer it. Usually its just something for MrVV but this time it was for me - a parcel no less. I knew it was my Autumn Swap on from Dawn @ Rattling On.

I had signed up for this swap before the accident and after I been paired with Dawn, I had a panic that I might not be able to fulfil it as I'd liked. However we chatted via email and agreed to keep it simple and allow some extra time.

Now I completely forgot to take pics of what I sent to Dawn - however she's taken some pics and they can be seen here (2nd October post). The crochet scarf was the first one I'd made and I loved doing those squares. So much so I also made one for a sister who has a birthday this week.

Anyhow - you'd like to see pics of the pressies I received - here we go;

 All wrapped up in red/white tissue - reminds me of the red spotty mushrooms from fairy tales.

Inside were - hand knitted mittens, a scarf, chocolate, a cinnamon candle, apple & cinnamon teabags and a gorgeous Ladybird mug.

 Here's a better picture of the mug - I love the Ladybird illustrations and I remember reading this book as a child and also the boys reading this when they were learning to read in Nursery.

 Bring on the colder weather - can't wait to wear this gorgeous mittens.

 And wrap up warm with this scarf.

Dawn took photos of these two makes for a blog post and she took some lovely photos which you can see 

Thank you Dawn for being a patient and wonderful swap buddy and Blueberry Heart for organising this swap.  

At the moment I am avoiding signing up for any swaps as I am still worried about how mobile I'll be for a while - however there was one I couldn't resist and I know that I can easily fulfil the criteria even if it means MrVV gets to push me around a few charity shops!! Its here at Faith, Hope & Charity Shopping - its open till 15th October so sign up if you fancy something different? I took part in the summer one and it was great fun and there were some great gifts sent & received.

Right Monday night - 7.30pm - must be time to call my Mum!! 

See you later in the week - I have some makes to share with you and the most wonderful book I've been lent by one of my sisters.

xxx Vicki xxx


LissyLou said...

gorgeous swap. I love the mittens and the ladybird mug xx

Blueberry Heart said...

what lovely swap goodies - so pleased you both had a great swap!
LOVE that candle by the way!!

BH x

Rattling On said...

Having a lot of trouble commenting, just won't go through. Nth time lucky...
The scarf you made has received blog compliments over on mine. The chocolate has disappeared!
I've also seen another swap...very tempting.

Lisa said...

Didn't you both do well! Scrummy chocs and seriously lovely scarves.
Lisa x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a super parcel, and you're probably going to need both scarf and mittens next week....indoors, if the weathermen are to be believed!

**Anne** said...

I love those mittens and the mug is gorgeous.
Anne xx

Penelope said...

Such fun, I have already signed up for Lakota's festive swop. It will be my first one and I can't wait. You did very well with all those pretty goodies, I love the hand made mittens xox

The Vintage Hobby House said...

What a lovely parcel,didn't you do well,love the candle and the ladybird mug xx Manda xx