Friday, 28 October 2011

A New Dawn

Good afternoon

Just a quick end of the week post :) What a week - such freedom :)

Firstly just being able to get to the bedroom window the other morning to see the sky looking gorgeous as the sun started to make an appearance;

The walking cast is making such a difference - much more mobile - though in turn that means more tired. I can get to parts of the house that have been out of bounds for a few months. It means I can photos in my favourite naturally lit spot again. This parcel was from a lovely friend - spotted these and thought of me;

 These little paper lanterns are gorgeous - I am going to make them all up and string them up across our fireplace - the design is very Orla Kiely don't you think?

A Lush bath wand and cute little Russian doll cookies cutters too.

The bath wand has been in use - oh the joy of being able to get in/out of the bath again. The first bath lasted over an hour - such bliss. Even better - my leg no longer can be mistaken for that of a gorilla ;)

I've been out and about too. Met 4 generations of my family for coffee the other morning - Grandma, my parents, 2 sisters and little niece & nephew. I also managed a walk around the supermarket (such a treat!) - my darling Dad carried my basket for me :)

I was also able to go back my Stitch & Bitch group on Wednesday night. Really didn't manage much stitching but it was lovely to catch up with friends and have a good natter. 

This morning I've been busy working on a patchwork block for a pressie for a very special friend. I've also been trying to get the last few photos taken for this months Scavenger hunt - whilst I was outside I had to snap our cherry tree. The leaves are now turning all sorts of lovely red/orange shades;

What a gorgeous day here - so lovely, I'm off out in a tick. Going with my parents to visit my other Grandma.

No males here - they all left at 7.30 to go to work together! Amazing how the prospect of wages and lunch can get 2 teenage bedroom hobbits moving so early!!

Have a lovely weekend what ever you are doing - our includes lunch out, a hobble and of course Strictly & Downton - bliss :)

xxx Vicki xxx


**Anne** said...

I'm so glad to hear you are getting about and about. You must feel wonderful to go and do your own thing.
Have a great weekend,
Anne xx

crafts@home said...

You must be so happy to get out and about again, what wonderful goodies you have received.... I must get over to lush and see what goodies they have to offer this season, have a lovely time with your other Grandma, and have a super weekend :)
Sue Xxx

Kashi said...

Oh, I am so happy you are able to get around. Makes you feel so much better doesn't it? I remember The first time I went to the market by myself. I didn't even need to go, it was just great to go somewhere on my own and not be dependent on someone else to take me and then help me shop. I am glad you have a walking cast also. It will help you build stamina. I went back to work a month ago and even though it is only part-time, I am just worn out by days end. You seem so much happier too, I am really glad you are doing better. Talk to you soon.

Cybèle said...

You sound so much more upbeat!
Enjoy your weekend :-)

Lady Cherry said...

Ooooo....I remember those paper lanterns!! Lovely sunrise. Feeling free is the best feeling...second only to being in love :) x

Vix said...

I love those paper lanterns! Lovely to hear that you're able to get out and about again. x

Beach Bygones said...

The lanterns are lovely! Glad to hear you're out and about and back to your group again!

The Vintage Hobby House said...

Glad youre able to move about,and those lanterns are just soo cute,hope you have a lovely weekend too,downton and strictly are what I'll be watching ,great minds :)
xx Manda xx

liz said...

So pleased to see you are getting back to normal, it must have a been a tough time for you. Loving the autumn colours at the moment too, so pretty! I also want one of those russian doll cutters! Have a great weekend, isn't Downton fab!!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Wonderful news about your leg! That bath must have been such a treat for you. It must be so lovely to be out and about again. Can't be too long before you are free again.

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

It's lovely to see you are much happier my lovely :o)

I love your lanterns, and those russian doll cutters are so gorgeous that I now have a case of the wanties! lol

Have a great weekedn Vicki, and take care now.
Love n hugs,
Donna xx

BadPenny said...

It must feel wonderful to be getting back to near normal & doing all the things you like to do ! Lovely gifts too !

Annie said...

Glad to read that you are able to enjoy simple pleasures like baths and shopping again. Happy weekend :D

Saphy said...

so glad you are more mobile! enjoy your weekend.