Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Grumpy Wednesday


This is me today;

 Image via Walt Disney via Google Images

I don't think I got out of the wrong side of bed - in fact I can't as my crutches are always in the same place each night. Perhaps its the full moon tonight that's making me grumpy or it could just be a case of girlie hormones??

I've a feeling that the large lump of metal and purple plaster on my leg is probably the main cause. I can't get comfy in bed at night and often end up in a tangle of duvet and with cramps in my leg & foot.  Just another 12 days to go - hurrah.

Something else that's made me cross is if I am in one of these;

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And I am out and about with MrVV - I become invisible. Several times we've been shopping - I've put the stuff on the belt and gone to pay only to have the staff ignore me and speak to MrVV. We've soon put them right. Also out & about people seem not to see us and expect us to dive out of the way rather than them just side step. Don't even get me started on all the shops I can't get into - their loss - I'll buy from elsewhere then.

One final grump - this one is a few weeks old but deserves airing. I've done a few reviews now for stuff and have happily recommended stuff to you lovely readers. Well this times, here's one to avoid!! Look at these two pictures and see if you can spot the difference?? 

Yep one is a red converse hi-top and the other is a white converse lo-top. Well I ordered a pair of the red ones for big son from a company called Rubbersole
The first problem the parcel took 2 weeks to arrive - not great for a company promising next day delivery! When it eventually arrived it contained the wrong shoes - the white ones. I contacted the company explained the problem and they arranged to resend my order. Another 5 days passes, another parcel arrives - guess what wrong again!! I managed eventually to find a phone number and spoke to their 'Customer Services' department - useless. They couldn't grasp that it was their error - I'd 2 pairs of wrong shoes and they couldn't promise if we'd a 3rd go it would be right. I gave up - got my refund and ordered elsewhere. The only saving grace was they supplied a free returns label. My advice - don't go there - not worth the hassle :(

Right off to find a cat to kick ;)

Be back when I'm less grumpy!!

xxx Vicki xxx


Kashi said...

You poor thing. I remember using the walker and trying to get into places that were "handicapped accessible" What a load of crap. Most of the automatic doors were broken and wouldn't open, one public restroom I went into said handicapped accessible and I went to wash my hands and the paper towels were across the room. How are you supposed to get across the room with a walker and wet hands. I was in one store and asked an employee to get me one of the scooters they provide and he said 'Oh, they are right over there' and walked away. I couldn't walk let alone go unplug and get the scooter out of the dock. It was so very upsetting. Made me really think abut people who are permanently disabled. I am a very happy person and I had many days of true grumpiness when I was still dependent. Your personal Hell will get better soon. I really feel for you. Take care.

Gem said...

Lets hope the next 12 days fly by.
I always find that things like this certainly make you think though, you get the opportunity to see things from a point of view you never would have otherwise. People must struggle with these things all the time especially in shops etc, it is really bad that people are ignored just because they are in a wheelchair, it doesn't make that person stupied or incapable but yet people seem afraid to address them. Good for you for putting people straight. x x x x

Kandi said...

As Kashi said it must be very difficult for people dealing with this on a permanent basis, the utter rudeness of some people just beggars belief! When I took my Mum shopping in her wheelchair in cafe's often people would ask me - would she like such and such they got short shrift and I had to say on many occasions, it's her knees that don't work not her brain!
Chin up chick not long now.
Kandi x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hoping the next 12 days fly by for you. It must be frustrating. Mind I find if I am with my DH I tend to become invisible by shop staff. Must be an old fashioned thing to defer to the bloke!?

The shoe company sound a right shower. Hope you get the right footwear soon.


crafts@home said...

I was going to do a post about a 'grumpy old woman today'! (me) perhaps its in the air..... although I think you have every right to be at the moment with your circumstances.... Perhaps we should all have a grumpy Wednesday everynow and again, sometimes it makes us feel better..... Think of how much money you must be saving by not being able to get out and shop as much..... or maybe the internet businesses are profiting? BTW thank you for your birthday card:)
Sue Xxxx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Oh dear Vicki, it is understandable that you should feel grumpy. Your post is an insight into what it is like being in a wheelchair. I have seen when out and about. It is strange why people ignore the person in the wheelchair. I don't think that there is any excuse for it. Ignorance and bad manners! I do feel sad about how society still behaves generally. There is a big gap in educating people generally when it comes to behaviour, respect, acceptance of others and helping each other.
The shoe business didn't help either...
Have faith, you'll get through all this a stronger person.
Take care
Isabelle x

Vix said...

I feel your pain. When I was recuperating and wheelchair-bound I found many people would deliberately avoid meeting my eye in the street and shop staff would chat to whoever I was with rather than me. Certainly made me make more of an effort to acknowledge the less able bodied when I was back to two feet. x

Pomona said...

Oh dear - I hope things improve for you! I have given up ordering shoes by mail - every time I have tried it has been a disaster, and now if ever I am tempted I remind myself to resist!

Pomona x

Attila said...

As a wheelchair user for ten years, I have long since given up on the people who ignore me. Sometimes it's a relief because I'm too cream-crackered to speak anyway, but when I'm in top form, heaven help anyone who dares ignore me! What gets me most is those who bend over me like I'm a kid in a pram and all but pat me on the head! It's especially hard when I've got the ME head on and can't speak for exhaustion and think up the right riposte anyway. And people who open doors for us in an ostentatious "Oh, AREN'T I good? Here I am doing my good deed for the day for this POOR woman!" We do thank everybody who helps us and we are grateful, but it's so patronising we'd rather be left alone. You have my utmost sympathy and I hope those 12 days go quickly.

Attila said...

And while I'm on the subject, what I meant to tell you, (you'll be blocking me at this rate!) was a friend of mine who uses a w/chair was shopping with her teenage daughter. She was telling her daughter how to pack the bags and cheeky teenager said; "I'm not listening to you; you're INCONTINENT!" She swears blind that she meant to say "incompetent" but it left my poor friend very red faced!

VintageVicki said...

Attila - you made me smile with that last comment :) In future I'll just stick me tongue out at anyone who ignores me.

This whole experience has given me a small insight into the ignorance that many disabled people face every day.

Claire said...

i worked for Crossroads for ten years, and i always made a point of ignoring the cashier so they had no choice but to interact with the person i was with! Kerbs are another thing. Sometimes, there will be a drop kerb on one side of the road...lovely.... then you get to the other and..oh....there's no drop kerb there...or its a hundred yards along the path!!

Cheryl said...

Ag you must be so sick and tired of the cast, the discomfort - you are forgiven for being grumpy. As a care worker, I also find that the shop assistants talk to me rather than my quiet competent lady - just cause she is old ..... so hope you feel happier soon

bellaboo said...

I have one word..sympathy,on all counts.My SIL broke her ankle recently and has the 'invisible wheelchair' problem too.
Sending soothing vibes your way :0)

delia hornbook said...

awww Vicky i know just how you feel with the invisible wheelchair problem. When i had my hip op i was in a wheelchair for 9 months and i hated it to. You almost become a nobody and it used to make me feel very low and actually pretty vulnerable. When i worked with the disabled and we used to go into town etc i would always get the shop staff to speak and serve them instead of me. Its down right rude and ignorant other wise i feel. I hope you feel happier tomorrow. Big hugs, dee xx

harmony and rosie said...

I'm glad you've highlighted the strange behaviour of people towards those who are less able. I was listening to a radio programme recently about this exact thing and was appalled at how some people behave. Mothers with buggies came off worst!
Anyway, not long now you grumpy old thing, then you can get back to perfecting the can-can!!!

Pene said...

Hi Vicki so glad to hear that your finally on the mend, count down to no crutches yay!! Have taken my self in hand and decided to just GET ON WITH IT instead of panicing!! In fact have made 3 bracelets this morning so am pretty chuffed and onto number 4 as we speak. Take care hun
Big hugs
Pene xx

Cybèle said...

I remember that from when the kids were in their pushchair - nobody would ever get out of the way. After a while I got fed up with it and would just bump into people 'accidentally'. Now I make a point of moving aside if I see a mum with pushchair, baby, toddler and shopping - surely it's easier for me to move out of the way than for her?
Counting down days with you ;-)

Country Rabbit said...

awwww hunny you rant away- i was shocked how people treated me in a wheel chair- spoke to me as though i was lady said 'awww its a shame as she has a pretty face'...some peps, especially i found old people very rude...but even with a push chair its a sister breast feeding finds it very hard in the city to find somewhere descent to feed without upsetting someone...i'm glad they put more true life stories of disability on tv, make people more aware how hard day to day simple things are hard to do which able bodied peps take for granted.

ive stopped ordering online because of the delay in getting items...

best wishes, huggers ;0)

x kazzy x

Northern Hi-Lights said...

Vicky, you poor soul - you have done so well, hang in there girl, the countdown is on!

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

LOL ;o)

Oh bless you my lovely!
Yep, we get the 'ignore the person in the wheelchair' problem all the time with our daughter!
It's terrible in this day and age :o(

Here's hoping you have a better 12days until your plaster is off my lovely.
I'm sending you a big cheery hug to help you to be happy till then :o)

Take care Vicki.

Scarlett said...

Thats terrible about the wheelchair invisability - I hope the 12 days go quickly for you and then you can be on the move and really kick some ass ;o) Scarlett x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

As a wheelchair user I know exactly what you are talking about hun! The times I have been excluded because of access issues!