Friday, 14 October 2011

Far happier Friday

Good Afternoon :)

Thanks for all the comments on my last post. I am shocked at how badly wheelchair users are treated and am looking for a campaign I can support to heighten awareness and try and change attitudes - anyone know of one? I shall also be raising this with the supermarket in town and making them aware how some of their customers are treated. Even though my use is temporary I think making a stand will maybe help those who have no choice but to use one on a regular basis.

Anyhow - I'm far less grumpy today. Lots of things have helped that. One thing is I've found a mode of transport to get around the downstairs of our house - an office swivel chair on wheels. The floors are tiled and one of those means I can whizz around and actually do stuff. The best thing was being able to cook again - when you need both arms for crutches you can't carry stuff about - however if you're sitting down you can still reach cupboards & drawers and mostly importantly the cooker. I managed to make - bread, a shepherds pie for dinner and some rather madly decorated buns for the boys for afterschool;

Big son asked if I'd launched the icing etc from the other side of the room - cheeky thing! However he still managed to eat one!

Of course there's been plenty of sitting down with my foot up. Time spent;

 Sewing up crochet and also sewing those ends in. The squares blanket is now 60 squares big and the giant granny has 37 rounds. Still more to do but both are now big enough to use if necessary.

 As I did when I was deciding what to read first - this months Country Living magazine or the new Cath Kidston 'Patch' book - choices, choices. It ended up with a dip into both. I hope to start the project that came with the book sometime very soon.

 Even this view of the kitchen dresser top cheers me up - not tidy but a mix of colours, patterns and things that I love.

I even got out of the house yesterday - not just that but out of Suffolk too! MrVV had a delivery to make over the border in Norfolk to a village in the heart of the Broads. I went along for a ride. The SatNav decided it would take us via the scenic route and we went through some gorgeous countryside and past loads of boats out on the Broads. We ended up on a boat too - the chain ferry at Reedham which takes you across the River Yare - we didn't plan this but decided it added to the adventure;

 Can you see the wind pump in the distance? There are so many of these scattered all over the broads.

We even stopped off for lunch out on the way home :)

Hurrah the weekend starts once the boys arrive home from school. Lie-ins are planned by some and some of us shall be watching the rugby. I shall be cheering on Wales in the first match and probably the All Blacks in the second one. Hoping it remains sunny so we'll get a wheel around somewhere too.

Have a good weekend.

xxx Vicki xxx


Isobel said...

Loving your crochet!
I am thinking about getting that CK book too but I am not sure how good it is... hummm...
Your iced buns look delicious!

bellaboo said...

Glad things are getting a bit easier for you,and that you are able to bake delicious cakes, catch up with your crochet,and get out and about.Hope you have a very happy weekend! :0)

Nostalgic Vicky said...

It's funny I was wondering how you were this morning as I reread your grump post and I am so glad you have cheered up! I take residents out 3 times a week in wheelchairs and it never ceases to amaze me how they are treated. Speaking to the pusher is one of the worst I think as it is so disrespectful of the perosn sitting infront of them in the chair! Anyway keep smiling and crafting and remember it's not you it's them!!! Vicky xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Not long to go now and the cast will be off. I hope I've never been guilty of ignoring or patronising a wheelchair user but I have often noticed when out with a pushchair that a lot of shops are STILL not accessible despite legislation, must be a nightmare for those in wheelchairs.

I do like a jelly diamond on a cake ;-)

Ceri said...

Glad you are feeling happier. Perhaps I should do some cooking to destress myself after run in with daughters teacher. Those cakes look yummy, my girls would love them. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to get about in a wheelchair.

Scarlett said...

OOoh looking your crochet, and I have also been pondering on getting the new CK book, might wait until after by bday so that hopefully a family member will treat me :o) Scarlett s

Bee happy said...

Glad you are keeping busy! your crocheting and the buns look great :) I wouldn't be able to decided either which to read ;)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Attila said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better; I strongly believe in the therapeutic effects of a good moan every now and then!
I think everybody should have to spend one day using a wheelchair and another day pushing someone in one. That'd larn 'em!
Another thing I struggle with is the idea that if you can walk better than a shuffle, you are a complete fraud using a wheelchair at all! My answer is that if I didn't use the wheelchair, you would see why I need it; I'd be lying on the ground, with crowds calling for an ambulance! Or just as likely, I wouldn't have got this far because I'm stuck at home having a bad day. Disabled/ Blue Badge parking is a joke, but better than nothing. And as for so-called disabled access.....My husband no longer needs the gym!

harmony and rosie said...

Respect to you for wanting to highlight the awareness of wheelchair-ism. The discussion I heard was on (London radio), they have some brilliant topics so perhaps their website may come up with something. You can download podcasts (James O'Brien a couple of weeks ago) if you're interested.

So pleased to hear life is getting easier for you, you are clearly eligible for another string to your bow .. the art of improvisation!

Thanks for your lovely comment today. Take care and good weekend to you.

Magic Bean said...

Ooooooooooooooo. That is the pump we stayed in for a week last Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And SmallBean actually DROVE the Reedham ferry when we went to the pub across the river. Put the ramp down and EVERYTHING!!! How extraordinary you pointed out our actual holiday house.
Sorry. Bit overexcited there. Calm now. Hope the old leg is not getting you down too much. Happy Friday, Ax

Lisa said...

Glad you are feeling chirpier.
Lovely to get out and have an adventure with lunch thrown in too.
Lisa x

Tea at Weasel's said...

Yummy looking iced buns... I'm feeling a bit peckish now and they would go nicely with a cuppa!!
Your crochet blanket is looking lovely!!
I have bought loads of books recently but am still yet to purchase Patch... it's next on my list!!

Take care
Louise xx

Becks said...

Oh dear, the Wales match wasn't what we hoped for :(
Our local radio station has just started a wheelchair users campaign to highlight difficulties faced.
Loving your blanket, great colours.

Victoria said...

Glad you are improving. At least the weather is inspirational. Hope you are having a good weekend. x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better! I love your dresser, it looks fabulous!

Bonnie said...

Those cupcakes look DELISH. Seriously. So tempting.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Country Rabbit said...

love your home...the dresser with all your sweet things on especially ;0)x
yummy scrummy cakeys ;0)x

Tabiboo said...

I love that last picture.

hope you've had a better week?

Nina x

Pomona said...

Glad you are getting about a bit. I have a sewing box just like yours! And just think of the progress you have made on your crochet - it looks absolutely lovely.

RADAR is the charity you want - disability rights. I agree with you about access - I remember that when the children were in pushchairs it made me realize how difficult life is for wheelchair users.

Anyway, chin up, and hope you are up and about before too long.

Pomona x