Thursday, 6 October 2011

Just a few makes :)

Good evening

Autumn has blown in with a blast here - the trees are being blustered about and I could see the garden slowly starting to be covered in leaves when I was watching out the window earlier. Its much cooler too which I'm quite glad about - I love hunting out my long sleeved t-shirts and cardi's.  The downside is the days are really starting to feel shorter - not quite light when we get up in the morning and its getting dark before dinner most nights now.

I've spent less time this week reading and more time crafting. Apart from more squares for my granny blanket (nos 51-55) and a few rounds on the giant granny one. I've also;

 Turn a cross-stitched mini-sampler into a heart. A clever sister did the cross-stitch for me (I've never mastered that) and then I was tasked with finishing if off to suit me.

 The first of many fabric apples made from the pattern in this months Molliemakes magazine.

 I finished my crochet scarf - with the cold weather due soon, I think you can never have enough scarves. I often when its really cold wear one in the house and they ended up scattered about all over the place.

A friend sent me this thrifted wooden belt buckle - she thought I'd like it. I think I might try and use it as a scarf ring - when you've got one of those scarves that just keeps coming unravelled - it might just hold it into place.

This morning I spent time having a rummage in my sewing room for supplies - have decided to bow to the inevitable and start making some Christmas decorations - probably just some felt gingerbread people and some of the gangly felt robins I made last year. There was enough material to get on with but I also need to go and pay our favourite  Felt Fairy a visit and order some supplies. I am hoping to find a craft fair locally between now and December - failing that I shall list them in my much neglected Folksy shop!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Pink Milk said...

I have to admit that, for the first time ever, I'm quite welcoming autumn (is it age?!) Not quite at the C word stage but cosy scarves like yours, ooh yes please.


lady liquor vintage. said...

that 'home' heart is absolutely beautiful!


**Anne** said...

I love your crafty bits and pieces, gorgeous! Yes, Xmas is around the corner and I've started thinking about decorations too. Whether I might add a few pieces to put about the place.
Have a lovely day,
Anne xx

Lisa said...

Oh I love your scarf, great colours.
And the apple is very cute too.
Lisa x

Magic Bean said...

Yes. It's time to batton down the hatches and get cosy- scarves, making, tea and fires. And toast. Mmm. Think I need a slice now... Ax

Vintage Jane said...

Flimsy skirts and dresses packaed away last night and coats retrieved ... I'm embracing Autumn! Love the little apple and the buckle is gorgeous - I often use these as scarf rings - they work really well. M x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Really like the apple, very sweet!
Isabelle x

WoodbankCrafts said...

Great makes, especially love the apple!

I like it when the weather turns cooler, I love wrapping up in cardies and scarves too :) x

Josie-Mary said...

wow you have been busy! I like the buckle idea :)

LaaLaa said...

Thanks for your comment about issues with comenting, Vicki. I hope this coment works! I love your makes. The little cross stich heart is fab. Where was the pattern from? x

LaaLaa said...


Kandi said...

Lovely makes, that little heart is really pretty. I'm a bit like you I can't get enough scarves.
Hope you are soon back on your feet.
Kandi x

Twiggy said...

I love nesting when the nights draw in, my crafting mojo seems to reappear too.
lovely makes.
twiggy x

Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

Love that Granny Square scarf - I have a load of squares that were intended for a blanket but I'm thinking a scarf or cowl might be the way to go... Coming into summer here so we'll see.
Sandra x