Monday, 24 October 2011

Well if its good enough for her......

Good Evening

If a trendy young thing such as JessieJ can get away with wearing one of these;

 JessieJ and her moonboot at Glastonbury this summer (picture c/o Google Images)
 Then a middle-aged slight unfit Mum can wear one too!!
Though according to one friend its also very BuzzLightyear too - I know which one I prefer!

Yep - today was back to the hospital time. Plaster cast removed to reveal one swollen foot with a wasted leg and ankle :( Instead of just having some lifts in my shoes they decided due to the poor movement and my previous injuries on the same leg, I'd be better to spend some time in a moonboot. Six weeks to be precise - one heel wedge to come out every 2 weeks and then an appointment with the Orthopedic Consultant at the beginning of December. Add to that some physio trips then you can see why its not great news. Some people (who shall remain nameless) thought I'd be up and running around straight away - this was despite me reading every post I could find on Achilles tear recovery on the internet and telling her that it wasn't likely.

At least this thing can come off at night and when I'm sitting down. I can also manage the doorstep to the house so hopefully some freedom can be gained. MrVV has promised to drop me in town when he's next working at home so I can have a wander around the shops :) Watch out charity shops - I've 8 weeks of bargains to catch up on!!

I can also finally have a bath - again this needs to happen when MrVV is about incase I need help getting in/out.

Anyhow - can't change anything so just need to get on with it. Am sure these 6 weeks will be much easier than the previous 8 - quote me on that when I have a bad day!! Plus hopefully I'll be allocated the hunky physio I saw earlier in the year ;)

Its half-term this week - hurrah. Boys very much have needed some lie-ins and down time. They've enjoyed pottering around. All homework was done on Friday so that they could spend time this week just doing whatever they wanted. Little Son decided that he'd like to bake on Friday morning - he'd noted the lack of sweet things in the cake tins and decided that wasn't good. A recipe he'd made at school was tweaked using whatever we had in the cupboard;

 Here we have the final result - Chocolate Oat Cookies with Brazil Nuts chunks;

They were very scrummy - so scrummy in fact - he needs to do more baking tomorrow!!

Enjoy your half-term week :)

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Attila said...

Well, it's progress and I suppose slow progress is better than "Yippee! I'm better...ouch, no I'm not." I am saving all my bargain hunting in the charity shops for a trip away in mid November....internet free too...oo-er. Don't know how we managed skirting 9 charity shops today. And your son is getting some vital training in cooking and independance...should be someone's husband some day; needs to be well trained! God bless my MIL, that's what I say!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I can't wait til my boys can bake unsupervised - those cookies sound lovely. Sorry the saga of your foot is dragging on, there is some improvement though, even if only by increments. Hope you have lots of luck when you finally make it to the shops!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

You will get there Vicki don't worry. That leg cast looks pretty cool by the way :-) x

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

AAaaw Vicki, it does sound sore my love :o(

It'll go quick though, and soon you'll be back to your old self! At least you can (hopefully) get out and about a bit now though. But do take care my lovely, and no over doing it!
And (lol) when in the charity shops, don't carry too much as that'll put more pressure on your foot :o(

have you got a granny trolley? Cos' nows the time you need it if you haven't :o) There's some really trendy ones out since i got mine too LOL.

Take care my lovely :o)

Love n hugs,
Donna xx

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...
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crafts@home said...

You must be so happy not to be in plaster anymore! and to be able to move around a little more freely.... Those cookies look yummy, enjoy the shops :)
Sue Xxx

Cybèle said...

Look on the bright side Vicki: another 8 weeks of not having to shave your legs! (said very tongue-in-cheek!) All joking aside, lets hope the new cast will help improve things, and at least you have some more movement now.

Scarlett said...

I hope these 6 weeks in moon boot go easily for you. My brother had the moon boot for a while because of a sporting injury. Youy just need to get a big throne like Jessie J to sit on at home ;o) Scarlett x

B............... said...

So does this make you Vicki V ;o)
has quite a nice ring to it I think 'hehe'

B xxx

**Anne** said...

Ahhh, how frustrating for you.
I'm sure your first bath after 8 weeks was bliss. I would have been doing it with the bubbles, candles, a good book and a glass of bubbly in hand.
I hope the next 6 weeks don't prove to be as tiresome as the past 8. Happy charity shop hunting.
Anne xx

Kashi said...

I have so much empathy for you. I know our injuries were different, but I know just how you feel and gaining back some independence is one of the best things. When you go shopping you will feel really good. My first bath was great too, even though I had to have help in and out, lol. Still it was worth it. I was looking at your bio and you said you didn't know what you would do to top 2010. Well you topped it didn't you. Take care, I am wishing you a speedy recovery.

MissGinger said...

I hope that the 6 weeks fly by and the foot is mended and ready for a marathon by christmas. xx

Jane said...

What a long time you're having to be patient for! Still, hopefully you'll get the right physio ;)
Jane x

BadPenny said...

oh ouch I bet that feels heavy. I know how horrible it is to be kept from doing your normal things when my back is bad. Trouble is Dillon just doesn't do slow speed on walks !

Cookies look great. Jess has been baking a lot which is not helping my waistline !

Shirl said...

Glad to hear the plaster is off. Sorry to hear you have to wear a moon boot now: here's hoping the weeks just fly by!

Country Girl said...

I can't quite see you in the rest of JessieJ's outfit, I have to say! Hope the leg defuzzing didn't block the drains ;-)

millefeuilles said...

Things will get better, dearest! I hope you manage to have some peaceful time during half-term.

Nice to catch up with you.


Pene said...

So guess you won't be tap dancing just yet haha. But at least now you can go shopping, charity shops beware.
Big Hugs

Kandi said...

Oh bugger, at least you have those gorgeous boys home this week to wait on you hand and foot (no pun intended). It sounds like a long recovery process, I do hope you're not in so much pain though.
Look forward to seeing any charity shop bargains!
Kandi x

Lisa said...

Not the most comfy thing to have on your leg, but at least the plaster has gone I suppose. Good luck with the charity shop bargain hunting. Hope u get some goodies.
Cookies look delish, my 2 were in need of half term too, So tired!
Lisa x

Style Eyes said...

Oh no sorry to hear about your leg. I hope the next 6 weeks fly by and in the mean time, a bit of charity shopping sounds like a great way to cheer yourself up.

Those cookies look delicious!

delia hornbook said...

Oh Vicky im so sorry to read about your leg but at least you have the plaster of now and at night when you take the moonboot off you can have a good scratch and rub cream into your leg. You will get there its just going to take a little bit of extra time. Those biscuits looked yummy to. Enjoy your boys being home this week and take lots of care, dee xx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Man...this has been a LONG haul for you this foot business. Poor you. On a positive note (I'm digging deep) I think I read in Saturdays Guardian that moon boots were very much on work that look!

Can't believe the hols are almost over (I'm always writing that!)...they are never long enough!

Giveaway over at mine this week, so pop over when you get a mo
fee x