Friday, 4 November 2011

The big wide world

Good morning

Carrying on from my last post - I did make it outside for a little walk in the autumn sunshine - not far - part of our road is gravel and I struggled with that - didn't feel very safe underfoot. Never mind I got to where I was heading - a patch of toadstools/mushrooms that spring up every year;

I love the growing pattern of these - this patch appear first and then there are some inkcaps that appear on another part of the verge in a few weeks. We also get a fairy ring appear on the front garden at some point - hoping to be able to spot that and get a picture - need to get there before some destroys it when raking leaves.

Wednesday was gorgeous here - the sun shone and it was so warm for the beginning of November. The leaves on the cherry tree have got even more pretty;

I love the colours of autumn - a final burst of colour before the duller days of winter descend and of course all the trees loose their leaves.  Now I'm no good on the names of plants but the berries on this one are pretty this year - am hoping they are something the bird population like;

Yesterday was a tad duller but at least it stayed dry. I had an appointment to see the physio in Aldeburgh, so we left early as there were a few things that needed collecting and of course the chance to have a a bag of chips on the seawall is never one to turn down! (Must make it clear - chips are a once a month treat - not every week though sometimes it must seem like that as I mention them loads!!).

The sea was quite rough and the seagulls were all huddled together on the beach to keep warm only moving if they thought someone was going to feed them - not a chance;

Oh my physio appointment - I've stuck lucky again :) Very nice and quite hunky. Yesterday was just seeing what movements/strength I've got and also trying to improve the circulation and getting the swelling to go down. This involved having my leg massaged - I think next time I might have to mention how stiff my shoulders are from using the crutches!!

Have a good weekend - hoping the forecast is wrong as MrVV & Little Son have a brass engagement I'd like to go along too. Otherwise there's a pile of crafting to finish, Strictly to watch, the last episode of Downton Abbey to enjoy and the finally the promise of a fireworks party too!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Kashi said...

Have a great weekend Vicky, I am happy you seem to be doing well.

Tabiboo said...

I'd suggest an all over body - do you think it would work?

Nina x

**Anne** said...

All over body massage, way to go. :) Hope the weather holds for hubby and little son's performance on the weekend.
Anne xx

Annie said...

I so envy you living where you do. I love my bit of rural North Wales but I spend a few short weeks in coastal Suffolk each year, and long for it from the moment I leave until I'm back there again! Have a lovely weekend Vicky.

bellaboo said...

My SIL had her cast off yesterday...Yay! Glad you're able to get around,albeit tentatively,and enjoy the Autumn colours. Have a great weekend.We'll be trying to drown the noise of the fireworks out with the TV tomorrow night,as Bella is frightened of the loud bangs. :0)

Stocki said...

Do the mushrooms make you feel a bit spooky? It's probably just me, but I always think of 'fairy circles' as my Dad used to call them.. I always look around very closely in case I see 'little people'..Is that Auldbrugh beach? I recognise that seagull! Glad you are feeling better..hunky physios always help! :)x

topchelseagirl said...

Glad to hear you're able to get out and about now. Yes, an all over body massage is definitely required!

Pomona said...

Definitely 'I ache all over'! Is he a hunky Australian - so many of them seem to be?! I am imagining a surfer dude . . . and I am also off to see the physio, who is a very nice English lady about my age. But she does wonders for my tense shoulders!

Pomona x

delia hornbook said...

Lovely photo's nature in all its glory. Glad to hear your feeling better. Have a great weekend, dee xx

Scarlett said...

Yay for the hunkster - i'd certainly have a few more aches and pains to point out ;o) lol. Your photos are great, glas you are on the mend :o) Scarlett x

Vix said...

I've yet to meet a physio that wasn't a hunky Antipodean type!
Greta pictures, love the ink caps! x

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Hello! I've just wandered over here from dee dee's vintage & so glad I did! What a beautiful, interesting blog you've got. Your photo's are gorgeous & your crafts so adorable! I'm also Vickie (but with the "e" on the end). I live in California and only slightly near a very beautiful coastline like yours. I shall stop by your lovely blog often.

Lisa said...

Hope you enjoyed those chips! Love the photos of the sea.
Enjoy your next massage!
Lisa x

Shirl said...

Lovely piccies, especially the one of the beach. Have a great weekend! ... :0)

Twiggy said...

Beautiful pics, nature is providing us with a riot of colour at the moment.
Twiggy x