Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Product Review - - Retro Popcorn Maker

Hello again

Another day, another email asking me if I'd like to do a product review. This time it was it was and they asked if I'd like to review something from the kitchen gadget range. Now you know me and my love of cooking/baking etc - well I had a look at the list of suggestions and something slightly different jumped out at me. Something that I've wanted for a long while and something I knew the boys would have fun with and benefit from. I thought those boys of mine deserved a treat for all their hard work and support over the past few months.

The product I choose was a Retro Popcorn Maker;

The parcel arrived yesterday and a quick read of the instructions showed it was something that even I could operate! I was prepared for its arrival and had sent Little Son to the shops at the weekend for a bag of popcorn kernels.

Right time for some piccies;

 Such a good looking piece of equipment - love the retro styling and the glossy red finish.

 The lid doubles as a measuring cap - about 90g of kernels per batch - cost less than 20p!

 Pour kernels into maker.

 Place a bowl under the chute and switch on.

 Realise a much bigger bowl is needed AND get an action shot (slightly fuzzy).

 One batch made this bowlful and 2 smaller bowlfuls for the boys for a scrummy after school snack. You can add flavouring - this time we added a tiny sprinkle of salt.

The verdict from Little Son & Big Son - fab and a thumbs up.

The verdict from me - another thumbs up. Great for making a cheap and low fat snack. The machine uses no oil and instead realises on hot air to pop the corn. It takes just a few minutes to use and its something that will be getting loads of use from the boys - from healthy snacks to movie nights. I suspect even our Christmas tree will end up with a popcorn garland on it this year!!

Thank you to for sending us this fab product to test.

I should also point out to you all this site contains 1000's of gift ideas for everyone in your family and life. 

From the big;

 What gadget freak wouldn't like an retro arcade machine to convert their I-pad into a something from their teenage years.

There's also a great choice of slightly unusual kitchen gadgets & equipment - for the cookie baker who has everything - how about some Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

So if you're stuck for what to buy that hard to buy for person in your life or just want to find something different and avoid the crush on the High Street then give a look.

Thanks for reading.

See you soon with some festive makes and hopefully the contents of a swap parcel!!

xxx Vicki xxx


Mummy Boo Bear said...

I just love the design of the popcorn maker. A real good choice for fun and healthy snacks!


Ditzy and Dotty said...

Yum, that look fab. Love the cookie cutters too.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You've managed to pick 3 thing I haven't seen in the enormous pile of Christmas gift catalogues I seem to be accumulating - so thank you! That popcorn maker is gorgeous, I suppose I don't really NEED one (what with owning a saucepan), but I really want one! And no fat you say? Hmmm...

Love the cookie cutters too, inevitably.

Kashi said...

How fun! We had one when we were kids, before microwave popcorn came out, and we always made popcorn and watched the Sunday night family movie.

Isobel said...

Wow!! You took me on a trip down memory lane! Well, sort of. I had a friend when I was a kid that had a pop corn maker that used a lamp to make the corn pop. So much fun to play with that.
I a big pop corn lover. :)

Scarlett said...

Yay for being sent stuff to review - the popcorn maker is awesome! Scarlett x