Thursday, 24 November 2011

Progress and pretty things :)

Good morning

And yes it is a very good one today. The reason - I've had my first shoe wearing session outside the house in just over 12 weeks :) I've been to the physio and he'd very pleased with me. However it does mean next week I get more exercises added and more time in the gym. Its a lovely sunny morning here and when we got back I went for a kick in the leaves in the garden;

Its not been a bad week actually. I went out the other day with my MIL - we headed over to Saxmundham for a change of scenery. Firstly I traded loads of old bits of broken jewellery in for a lovely fat cheque. Then we headed down the high street for light retail therapy.

Firstly yarn - my leg gets cold and as I can't fit my boots on yet, I thought I'd knit legwarmers for around the house - after much pondering, I chose some Crofter yarn in a grey/deep pinks colourway. The ribbing proved a bit tricky as my knitting skills are rusty - once I cracked that it was fine - should have one by the weekend!!

A few other sewing essential were bought and then I glanced at the buttons - I spotted these and had to buy them - no plans for them yet though;

I found a wonderful shop that was stuffed full of pretty things - I need to go back there sometime soon as my MIL kept picking things up with wishful looks in her eyes - least now I've some ideas as to what she'd like for Christmas. This ring was too pretty to leave behind - its just costume not really silver/turquoise but very lovely;

My MIL gave me this little vintage OXO tin - she'd found it the other day in a sort out and was going to bin it but she thought I might like it - oh yes;

Time now for one small festive make - I love working in felt and each year make something new to add to my ever growing decoration collection - here's this years gingerbread house;

Do you remember the patchwork square I showed you that was going to be made into a big quilted hanging? Well it was finished and handed over at the party last weekend. My clever friend Lotti from our S&B group got the task of putting it all together - well she's blogged about it now so you can pop over and see the finished result here -  its stunning.

Finally, I had a late night last night - MrVV & I headed to Ipswich for an evening of laughter with Bill Bailey. A brilliant show - my sides ache for laughing so much. I spotted another blogger in the audience - hi Dawn, hope you enjoyed the show too and your ice-cream ;)

Right that's enough for now. I'll be back at the weekend with my first Pause in Advent post - this is organised by Floss - we're now into our third year which means I really need to think about what my themes will be this year.

Oh and I've the contents of a fab swap parcel to share with you too soon AND the results of another months Photo Scavenging!! Does anyone know of a housework fairy - at this rate I'll need one!!

xxx Vicki xxx


Ellouise88 said...

That Crofters wool is lovely to work with. I have made loads of things with it and they have all turned out really well. Glad to hear you are up and about more and love your gingerbread house.

Miss Magpie said...

Horray!! Love the spotty socks and oh those buttons!

Kandi said...

Glad you are getting out and about a bit more now. I love that crofter, I made some gloves and a scarf in that last winter and I love the finished effect.
Kandi x

Bee happy said...

Glad you are getting about now :) love your socks, the union jack hearts and your buys :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Isobel said...

Really happy that you are doing well, hun. Love your shoes. ;)
What lovely things you bough. And the little house is so cute.
Can't wait to see your leg warmers done. :)

Claire said...

yey for shoes! :) I did that not long ago, took in a bunch of old jewellery and came out 80.00 richer!! :)

Vintage Jane said...

Glad you're nearly back in tip top condition! I couldn't have left tat lovely ring behind either. Love the little tin and the cute house. M x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

I have been trying to catch those little housework fairies for years. Still seem to evade me though! lol.

Love your little house so cute its nice to make a few little decoartions for the season. Those leg warmers will be just the thing to keep you legs warm.

Well done so glad you are well on the mend.


Country Girl said...

I couldn't not have an icecream with our seats being right next to the icecream lady, could I?
Had to stop at A&E on the way home to have the split in my sides repaired!

Country Rabbit said...

love your socks ad shoes ;0)x
that little crafty house is sooo sweet xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Glad you're doing well. Love the buttons, look forward to seeing what'll you do with them. The oxo tin is divine - you lucky devil you.

Vix said...

Good to hear that the recovery is progressing.
Loving the Union Jack buttons! x

Highland Monkey's said...

Good that you are recovering and can get your shoes and spotty socks on! Loved B.Bailey in Black Books he was funny :0D

Lisa said...

Love the ring and the buttons. Such good news about your progress!
We went to see BB years ago before he got really big at a small local theatre. He was just as hilarious then.
Lisa x

MelMel said...

The oxo tin is lovely....great dotty em!x

Scarlett said...

Hoorah for shoe wearing! So pleased you are on the mend. Also a double hoorah for shopping! The ring is beautiful and of course I love a vintage tin :o) Scarlett x

**Anne** said...

How exciting to be wearing shoes, with pretty socks and being able to kick leaves.
I love your little house decoration.
I've only seen Bill Bailey on QI but have always found him to be very funny so I can imagine why your sides were aching.
Love those buttons!
Anne xx

BadPenny said...

You must have been like a girl getting her first pair of party shoes !
Nice that you can go shopping with MIL & that you found some lovely things.

Me - I want to see Eddie Izzard one day !

Lotti said...

Congrats on getting to wear shoes again, and love those buttons and the very adorable gingerbread house

driftwood said...

hurray for shoes and socks! hope the knitting is going well x

Pomona said...

Oh do enjoy your new-found freedom and mobility - so glad you are truly on the mend!

Pomona x