Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - November

Another month has come to an end and this rather wonderful tradition of sharing my Scavenger Hunt pics happens again. This is my 10th month of doing this - I missed January because of family stuff but otherwise I've completed each month and I'm pleased with myself for doing that. This month was for me probably the easiest - the only time where I had more than one picture for each heading! After some deliberation, here's my efforts for this month;

Poppy - the symbol of Remembrance pinned to my sons RBL uniform.

Memorial - the one on Aldeburgh seafront.

Silhouette - the view from the front window one evening as the sun started to set.

Something I've made - a felt poppy pinned to my coat.

Something purple - the Hebes in the garden were still flowering mid-month and attracting so many bees and insects.

Warmth - so unusual for November - ladybirds, sunning themselves on the bench in the garden.

Polka dots - on a toadstool - fly agaric I believe.

Lucky charm - my Good Luck Care bear - he sat on my desk during my end of school exams and others exams I've taken since.

Comfort food - sausage stew & mash.

Staircase - my nemesis at the moment - still going up and down on my bottom!

Something that lights up - the lava lamp on the kitchen dresser - it provides a cozy glow these dark evenings.

Self portrait - I hate having my photo taken and trying to take one of myself proved very tricky - this is the best of a very bad bunch.

Thanks Kathy once again - I look forward to seeing the December list :)

xxx Vicki xxx


whatshappeningatmyhouse said...

Great selection of photos, Vicki - particularly like the look of your sausage casserole! x

Kashi said...

I love the monthly scavenger hunt. This one was the best. I like the self-portrait too.

Louise said...

well done, a nice set of photos! Good thinking for warmth! The lava lamp looks really cosy!

Rosie said...

It's been fun hasn't it? One more month to go! I love the hebe flowers, toadstool and the ladybirds, like you I really struggled to take a self portrait photo - you've taken a good one though:)

Tabiboo said...

I love the first picture - the poppy really stands out and it's so nice to put a face to the name 'hello' and I'm so glad you love the postcards.

Nina xxx

H said...

I hate having my photo taken too! Well done!

I especially like the memorial. Even without the identification as 'seafront' it has that distinctiveness which marks it out as coastal.

We still have loads of ladybirds too! They are revelling in the mild weather.

Belle du Brighton said...

Your ladybirds are such a good find! Even if I had spotted them I wouldn't have though warmth! well done!
And I love your handmade poppy, so much nicer than the 'normal' ones!

Patrice said...

Love your felt poppy!

Country Girl said...

I had a feeling we might have the same memorial!

Alex said...

Your self portrait is lovely! I hate mine.

I think my favourite picture is the ladybirds. Such a sweet grouping.

dragonfly said...

Nice coat ;-)

I'm smiling so broadly at the Care Bear! I've not seen one of those in years!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos, especially the ladybirds.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Wonderful photos, and you should get "extra credit" for taking a real photo of yourself and actually using it. Really good shot you managed at arms length! (I hid behind the camera and shot myself in a mirror...I looked pretty bad yesterday!)

Alison said...

Lovely set of pics and the poppy is very cute. You have wonderful light in so many of your pics, the ladybird one especially.

Stel said...

So cute, the toadstool and ladybirds!

Eileen said...

Some great photos, Vicki. My favourite is the first one of the poppy on your son's uniform.