Monday, 7 November 2011

Definately Autumn

Good evening

If there was any doubt about which season it was last week,  then over the weekend its become more and more obvious that we are in the throws of Autumn;

The weekend started with a Friday night comfort food type meal - sausage stew and mash.

Whilst the weather on Saturday morning prevented me from getting out to see MrVV & Little Son in their parade, at least the rain stopped by the evening and we were able to get out to my littlest sisters bonfire & fireworks party. Taking pictures proved to be tricky whilst hanging on to my crutches, so here's one of the few I managed - small children having fun with sparklers;

The fireworks were great - the garden backs onto many others and it seemed we weren't the only ones having a party that night - the sky was very pretty.

Sunday was also damp & grey here - not really going for a hobble weather. Instead time to be indoors crafting - 2 works in progress;

 A mini-raggie - just over 15cm tall - along side a 'normal' sized one.

The start of a knitted monster for a my little nephew for Christmas.

Today was pretty grim here too - if you've got my sunshine can you please return is asap.

Leftovers from a roast dinner yesterday meant soup for lunch today;

This afternoon was back to the physio for another leg massage ;). I've been set a task for the next week - to try to wear a pair of shoes!! Feels rather strange at the moment and I'm back to walking very slowly & carefully. For a while the rule is shoes in the house and moonboot outside.

Right - off the computer now - I've done something to my email and I can't access any at the moment - here's hoping MrVV can fix it!!

xxx Vicki xxx


Claire said...

i bought a slow cooker this year and i'm wondering how i ever survived without it! love stews and caseroles in autumn :)

Elegancemaison said...

There really was a very autumnal nip in the air here today. We've also been enjoying soups and stews and casseroles lately, so comforting. Also loved your bonfire night pics - I so miss those happy family times when our children were young.

Magic Bean said...

What a monster! And you win will be winging its way to you later this week. Promise. Ax

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Sausage stew, fireworks and soup - 3 of the best things about Autumn :-)

delia hornbook said...

All i have been making and living off the past week is soup as been poorly its the only thing i could manage to eat. It does warm you up and make you feel cosy ;-) Hope you manage to get your shoes on this week. Lovely makes the knitted monster is cute. dee xx

Vix said...

You have been productive and the bonfire pictures are fab.
I love your knitted creations! x

Bee happy said...

I think I know what I am going to make for tea tonight after looking at your stew!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Country Girl said...

I've just remembered that I have some t-shirt sleeves that you might like for your raggies - offcuts from my t-shirt yarn making.

Andrea said...

I love your knitted monster, he's fab! sure he will be a success.
I love all the winter stews and dumlings we have to look forward to!!
Have a great week,
Andrea x

Jo said...

Crafting and soup, when it's getting cold outside - what could be nicer?!? x

Pomona said...

Hope you had the nice physio again! And I hope that you are making progress towards shoes - it has been such a horrible time for you - I really feel for you.

Pomona x