Monday, 28 November 2011

Brrrrrrrrrr Monday

Good evening

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Another weekend rushed by>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This morning saw our first ground frost of the season;

As my dear bloggy (and RL friend) Dawn put it in her post earlier, the silly season has begun. The festive madness has started especially for my 2 brass playing menfolk. Saturday saw them playing in Aldeburgh for the switch on of their Christmas lights. Apparently it all went well and there are some pics on Dawn's blog - including one of Little Sons right ear!!

I opted out of that particular one as I knew it would be a long afternoon and the lack of comfy seating would mean I'd have to do loads of standing around.

However, I did make it out to Little Sons training band engagement at Minsmere Bird Reserve yesterday afternoon. It was lovely the band played really well. Not easy to get pictures as the space they played in was rather tight - but here's one of little son - as you can see the training band is rather more casual than the full band;

Looking at the gig list next weekend is even more hectic - 3 engagements - have a feeling he'll be sick of carols by Christmas Eve!!

Not sure if I've told you before but I've a bit of a thing about postcards - I seem to collect them from all over and have a hanger on my kitchen door which is changed over regularly.  The very clever Nina @ Tabiboo takes the most brilliant photos and she's turned some of her festive / wintry images into postcards - I couldn't resist;

 Even the packaging makes a nice picture.

Inside - these 3 gorgeous cards - not too Christmassy so they can stay up for a while.

Thanks for all the comments on yesterdays Pause post :)

Right see you later in the week for Novembers Scavenger Hunt pics and finally the contents of the lovely swap parcel. BTW still no housework fairy - I was planning on getting the boys to help on Wednesday when they are off school but they've gone and got themselves some paid work with MrVV!

xxx Vicki xxx


Jackie said...

Wow what busy boys you have!! We had ground frost here too - very chilly! Brrrrrrrr! xx

Liz said...

We're having terrible rain at the moment. Lovely postcards.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Serenata said...

Certainly is the silly season when you have musicians in the house...must admit it feels strange, but kind of nice, not to be rushing round to all the concerts and rehearsals that this time of the year usually brings

MelMel said...

The weekend did go far too quickly!
Love the frosty pic!

Those cards are lovely!zx

**Anne** said...

That frosty grass makes me feel so cold. In complete contrast the sun is shining today and the temperature will be about 33C. A good washing day.
You muscians are going to be very busy in December with all those Christmas performances. They will be ready for the Christmas break when it comes.
Anne xx

bellaboo said...

Yes,it was chilly this morning.I needed my scarf,hat and gloves walking Bella first thing.
Hoping the part to repair the fire will come soon,so we can be all cosy and warm. Love the postcards,especially the mug
one! :0)

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Time seems to be whizzing by at the moment. Not enough hours in the day....arghhhhhh :0) Hmmmmm.....paid work with Dad or helping mum for free???? I know which mine would choose to do :0) xx

Josie-Mary said...

No frost in Devon yet, in fact it's very mild. Love the postcards :)

Andrea said...

Hi Vicki,
I love the silly season!! I know its very Brrrrr! but doesnt the frost look lovely!
Your postcards are just lovely, shame about the boys getting paid work!!!! soo helpers but may get an extra lovely presie for christmas with their pennies!
Have a great week,
Andrea x

delia hornbook said...

No frost in Somerset yet but yesterday it was very cold and today its very wet and very windy. Lovely that your boys are in the band. Love those postcards there great. Enjoy your week, dee x

Pomona said...

If you find a housework fairy, then do give me her address! They are lovely cards - beautiful photos.

Pomona x

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Those are pretty poscards Vicki :o)

He won't be sick of Christmas carols :o)
I used to play the cornet and the recorder, and still to this day my favourite tunes are Christmas carols..I just love them and contantly hum them through the year (to the amusement/annoyance of my friends and family LOL) ;o)

Have a lovely week my dear, and no slipping on any ice you hear?

Take care my lovely,
Donna xx