Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bunny & Rabbit

When I saw the Help Find a Bunny a home giveaway on Karen's blog it instantly made me think of 2 friends who live in our house.

On the left is Rabbit who was given to me by my Grandma on my 1st birthday (so quite a long time ago) - despite the fact when he arrived he was dressed in a pink tutu and ballet slippers 'she' has always been a 'he'. Sadly the dress & shoes are no more and instead he wears one of the boys old all-in-one suits. He's getting very worn now and the foam stuffing is gradually disintergrating :(  He still lives on our bed during the day moving out at night to join several other of my childhood friends on a pretty pink lloyd loom chair.

On the right is Bunny - he was given to Will (the youngest) on his 1st birthday by my Grandma (she knitted both toys).  He's been a constant companion for nearly 11 years now (and it shows by Bunny's slightly squashed look) and has travelled everywhere with us on holidays and days out - the only holiday he never goes on is Scout camp as thats deemed to dangerous for him!!

Anyhow the reason for todays post - if I'm lucky enough to win on this giveaway Brown Bunny will have a ready made group of friends to play with!!

Was my day off yesterday and I was very busy - working mainly on Christmas stuff for pressies and swaps - sadly I can't show you any pics just incase my swap partners peak in and the surprises get spoilt ;)

Also made more of Floss's ginger biscuits which seem to disappear overnite!

See you soon.

Vicki xx


Andrea said...

Your bunnies are adorable and what special treasures to have them both given by Grandma.

Blessings, andrea

karen said...

Awwww how adorable It's really nice to have something that special complete with memories isn't it.

magsmcc said...

So lovely- especially in the generations of bunnies following the real layers of life!

Kelly said...

Love your bunnies!
I have a Baa Lamb! (don't ask!) He looks abit shaby now but I love him!!!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

clare's craftroom said...

How lovely to still have those treasured bunnies !