Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dots, birds & sewing room takeover!

It was my day off work yesterday and I'd planned once I'd done all the boring domestic stuff that I'd have a couple of hours at my sewing machine (still need to make cushions for my bedroom).  However once I'd finished I walked into the dining room (aka sewing room) to find that MrVV had taken it over to use as a photography studio to take pics of new ebay stock :(

Instead I got organised and finished clearing my wardrobe out - lots has returned to there but plenty more has been delivered to the local charity shops.  New rule - one in / one out AND think before I buy - no more impulse buys.

Its one of my many sisters birthdays today so after work I'm going to visit her and take her pressie and card. Couldn't resist this wrapping paper - I think polka dots are one of my all time favourite things.

Last but not least for today - I just looked out into the garden to see how we faired after yesterdays rainstorm (first rain here for 8 weeks) - the grass is definately less yellow.  A regular visitor was out there having his breakfast (excuse the slightly blurriness);


bekimarie said...

You got the link and piccie, well done ;).
Great to have you on board!
Beki xxx

VintageVicki said...

Was shocked and stunned that I managed to work it out :)

Kelly said...

Ha ha good luck with the wardrobe rule!
I always tell myself that! never works out that way :)

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

LissyLou said...


I got the pink heart bowl from hear - although they have put the price up, i got it for 12.99.
you could probably find it somewhere else, i think they do it in other colours too. x

Florence and Mary said...

The new wardrobe rule sounds very sensible!! I used to buy clothes all the time, now I only try and buy clothes when I need them/for something specific otherwise I find I have too much that never gets worn.

Victoria x

Floss said...

What a great visitor for your lawn! We get hoopoes for part of the year, but they are very shy and I have only seen them on a friend's lawn, not ours (the dog may not help...)