Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The mid-week point

How's 1/2 term going for everyone?  So far so good  - lots of lie-ins and just relaxing here with a smattering of housework and homework mixed in.

This morning was spent trying to fill the ever-emptying cake & biscuit tins - a task that needs repeating rather to often sometimes. Fortunately this time I gained a small & willing helper - No2 son Will.

Here he is hard at work making ChocChip Muffins - something he can now do without any really help from me;

Please excuse the washing in the background - its just not drying outside at the moment - not enough breeze or hours of daylight!!

This afternoon the boys cleared off out on their bikes for a few hours - think they called in to visit a couple of my sisters and my grandparents.  Mr VV was out so I had the house to myself.  I settled down to do some more festive swap sewing when it all went rather dark - the power had gone off :(  I did the usual thing of checking fuses and even managed to locate a rather complex main switch in the garage but nothing worked :(

So instead of sitting here feeling sorry for myself and being in need of a cuppa, I hunted out the camping stove and kettle :)  Even dragged out my festive mug for the occasion.

About 1/2 an hour after I'd gone to all this trouble power was restored!

Enjoy the rest of the 1/2 term week folks.  Suppose I need to get organised and find a pumpkin to carve - need to buy one as the ones I tried to grow got eaten by slugs :( 


Kelly said...

Looks like a fun half term in your house!
Typical about the power, bet if you had waited it would have taken days to come back on!

magsmcc said...

We're not at the baking stage yet- gingerbread skeletons awaiting the final churning of pumpkin soup for our annual pumpkin-fest on Saturday night! (We're too scared of scariness here to have a real Hallowe'en party!)Similarly all our homegrown efforts disappear at fledgling pumpkin stage- I've been blaming birds! Happy Hallowe'en to you and yours anyway, and yes, roll on the next set of festivities!

beck said...

We need to carve our pumpkin too! I think that's on tonights agenda. Love your doggie on the red dots, how adorable. Hope you have a happy Halloween! xo