Sunday, 18 October 2009

UFOs, Indianna Jones & a sunny Sunday

Decided to try somewhere different for a walk this weekend and headed to Rendlesham Forest (home to 'alien' landings in December 1980).  Boys opted for the 3 mile UFO trail with the promise of a picnic and play after they'd completed it.

Was not really very challenging - more a time to have a chat and a laugh as a family without the distraction of phones, computers and other gadgets.

Big son was left in charge of the map and reading at each point the information about the UFO sightings and what is alleged to have happened.

Was quite cool when we set off - so those mad wooley hats from last weekend were put into good use. You can now see why there is an Indiana reference to this post - MrVV's hat ;)

The further we walked the warmer is became and soon layers were being shed and stuffed into rucksacks or tied round waists.  The boys had a great time chatting and battling with found sticks - Will even managed to smuggle a rather fine specimen home with him.

As ever on these occasions I was the one behind the camera but did manage to take one picture that shows I do exist ;)

We got to see plenty of wildlife - deer, squirrels, woodpeckers, dragonflies and a huge stag beetle - am pleased that despite their growing up the boys are still interested in seeing these things.

Once we'd arrived back at the car and had demolished the picnic, the boys were keen to investigate the play area.  Some items were more suited to smaller children but there were several things that they could clamber over and explore. 

All in all a rather great family day out and it is somewhere we will head to again.


magsmcc said...

A UFO trail- really? Wow- most Indie and Crystal Skull indeed! The strawberry suns, from very small Northern Ireland, would be muchly impressed! This time next week we'll be walking and staying in the midst of the Mourne Mountains, in a little house with open fire and first floor living room for views. Hallowe'em holidays- can't wait!

Catherine said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! I'm sure the kids loved it..I know mine would!

MelMel said...

Oh my old Boss John Bowers Dad was witness to these exciting...we used to go there when I was in Suffolk...never saw anything tho...x