Friday, 30 October 2009

A No Boy Thursday

This post was meant to be uploaded last night but the internet gremlins had other ideas :(

Today was a virually boy free day :)  Now I love my 2 messy, untidy, permanently hungry boys but sometimes its great to be at home without them.  This morning they headed off on their bikes to their Scout hut to crush 2 huge skip bags of drink cans which are going off to be recycled (and then the pack gets the money).

Came home from there smelling of a mix of beer and sweet sugary drinks! So they were despatched to get washed & changed as their grandparents where due any minute to take them out to lunch - lucky devils.

Rather than sit at home being sad and have a lonely sandwich, MrVV & I headed off to Aldeburgh for fish & chips on the sea wall.  This F&C shop has a wonderful reputation and with the lovely weather yesterday there was a huge queue;

We parked up to eat on the seawall with its wonderful views in every direction;

The sea - calm as a mill pond yesterday

River Alde with its collection of sailing boats;

Once we'd finished eating we had a quick walk along the beach - I managed to collect some more lucky 'hag' stones for my ever increasing collection..

On the way home by the coast road I wanted to stop and take a picture of a sculpture on the beach that divides peoples opinions - however as it was a gorgeous day it was impossible to get a picture of just it, so here's one I've 'borrowed' from the internet ;)

BTW boys arrived home late afternoon, stuffed to the gills - both having polished off a huge meal with pudding.  Guess what by teatime they were hungry again!


dottydaisies said...

child free day bliss !!!!!

magsmcc said...

A boy-free day at half-term, how fabulous! I will confess to the glow of expectation kindled by thoughts of Monday morning! I like the sculpture! Am mentalling it away with the Louvre's Pyramide and our own flying fish at Loughshore Park!