Friday, 9 October 2009

TFI Friday

My goodness what a week - eventually got my sewing space back but have not had time to even thread the machine :(.  Have been ill (migraine) and then working lots and lots.  I have however been to visit my friend in her pretty haberdashery shop and bought supplies so I can start making my stocking for the stocking swap - is the first one I've taken part in and I want to get it all sorted on time!

When I last saw my friend she was wearing the most gorgeous dress over her jeans which I instantly coverted - turns out she'd made it herself and this week when I went to see her she'd made one for me :)

The polkadots are pink and the whole thing fits like a glove and I'm so glad its the weekend tomorrow and I can finally wear it.  For work I get to wear the most fetching poloshirt and fleece with any jeans that aren't too paint stained so at weekends and holidays I love getting a chance to wear pretty dresses and clean jeans or leggings.

Is shaping up to be a good weekend - Southwold shopping with a friend tomorrow, dinner with my sisters tomorrrow night and then a family day out on Sunday.  Just need to hope that we get no rain and possibly a bit of autumn sunshine instead.


Tabiboo said...

Dresses over jeans are a big hit with my girls. Hope your feeeling better soon,

Nina x

Andrea said...

Hoping and praying your migraine is over and you are feeling much better. Hope you have a beautifully blessed weekend.