Sunday, 11 October 2009

Met a knight in shining armour!!

Love it when plans actually come together.  We planned a family day out and it actually happened!!  In fact we were so organised that we booked the tickets in advance!  Headed to Trinity Park in Ipswich to the Robin Hood Country Fair - lured by the promised of men in armour and tights ;)

Was actually a wonderful family day out - plenty to see and plenty to do - some free and some that cost.

Firstly we watched the jousting;

Plenty of cheering for the good knights and booing at the bad ones.

Then we had a wander round the site to see what else was there and came upon something that the boys really wanted to try - water zorbing. Basically they were zipped into a large inflatable ball and left to roll around a large swimming pool for about 5 minutes - apparently this is harder work than you'd imagine and they really enjoyed this;

The weather was really quite chilly today and in a big open space it felt really quite cold.  Anyhow as they promised they'd wear them again (probably to scout camps), I treated the boys to really loud hats which have remained on their heads for the rest of the day. Was probably quite handy to have them when they decided they fancied a ride on the really huge vintage big wheel that was there.

Next to the big wheel was an enormous Helter Skelter - I was sorely tempted to have a good but decided that it was just too high for me. However as it was so pretty I did take a photo.

Was one of those days out that did end up costing a bit more than we'd planned but for once it was MrVV who had money spent on him. He treated himself to a proper Aussie bush hat - just wish I had a photo I could show you.  The only comment I could make was to hum the tune to Indiana Jones ;)

We really did have a great day out - on the journey home it was all too much for the youngest member of the household - he dozed off. He will one day learn the lesson - never doze off when there's a camera around - you will end up on Mummy's blog and facebook page!

See you soon xx


Andrea said...

Looks like a special day of fun!

Blessings and prayers, andrea

bekimarie said...

Do you know one of the things I love about blogging............. the kindness of fellow bloggers. Thank you so much for the link although i'm trying to watch the pennies after splurging on fabric ;). Will have to sweet talk the OH ;) ;).
Certainly looks like a great day out!
Beki xxx

Kelly said...

What a fun day out!
Nor surprise the little one dozed off!

Lots of love

Kelly xxx

Kate said...

Hi there
that looks like a great day out, I love love love your red boots on your previous post, soooo jelous.
Have a great week

Mary Poppins said...

Wow looks like a fun day was had by all, I think the prospect of men in tights would get me there too ;)

Thanks for the long hair comment, I think I shall keep it long for a little while and actually does rather suit him :)



Floss said...

That looks like a great day out - the water thing looks just what my boys would love, too! It's been great having your comments - good to find a mum of similar-age boys!

Florence and Mary said...

That def looks like a fun day out! I love watching jousting, just like A Knights Tale!

Victoria xx

Pomona said...

He looks very sweet in that hat! Thank you very much for becoming a follower of my blog - I look forward to seeing more pictures of such an angelic-looking little person (they always look angelic when they are asleep!).

Pomona x