Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Even more festive Tuesday

Sorry if the mention of the Christmas word is too early for some but now we've got Halloween and Bonfire Night out of the way the next thing on my calendar is the festive season :)

This morning instead of doing boring housework tasks before I had to leave for work, I decided to sort out all the things for the 2 swaps I'm taking part in and get it all wrapped up.  So here's a little spoiler ;)

That really doesn't give any clues to anyone does it ;)

I also went through all the things that I've collected so far for family and friends and now have a full list of what I've got and what I still need to get.  I treated myself to a pretty notebook (and matching pencils) so all my festive notes are in one place - just need to keep this hidden from the boys.

Oh - when I got home tonight my CK parcel had arrived :) - I'll take pictures tomorrow and show you the contents of that then. 

Final picture for today - one mad small boy dancing along to the radio this morning. I took this on my phone and I love the reality of the whole thing;


Floss said...

Oh help, swaps... I already have Karen's Christmas stocking parcel sitting on my table and I've vowed not to open it at least until I've posted hers off. I just need to get organised - thanks for the reminder!

Andrea said...

Hope you have a great day.
Blessings, andrea