Friday, 27 November 2009

One year ago

It's not been a good week here in Suffolk - lots has gone wrong, broken and fallen apart :(  We've had to have repairmen out to mend washing machines and another to quote for replacing a huge pane of double glazed glass in our conservatory :(

So I thought I'd turn the clock back one year and look through pictures I'd taken this time last year. 

Today it has been really cold - more winter now than autumn.  However a year ago, here in Suffolk we had a proper wintery blast;

Onwards and upwards is how I'm feeling now.  This weekend see that start of advent and I shall be taking part in Floss's Pause for Advent.  We are off to our first christmas event on Sunday - a christmas street fair and light switching on which both my little son and MrVV are taking part by playing in their brass bands.

The best part of the week and biggest surprise was finding that a good friend of mine has become a blogger - neither of us had mentioned our blogs to each other, almost like it was some sort of guilty secret!  Well I've come out now - both she and my family now know about here :)

Have a good weekend all - hope you can all stay warm and dry.  I shall be back Sunday/Monday with my first advent pause.


Floss said...

Small World! I became your friend's follower last night! How nice to think that you know each other...

Enjoy your Christmas event - Ben and the boys are at the big craft market today but I've stayed at home because I'm both ill and broke!

Looking forward to Advent, though...

A Country Girl said...

Actually, Vicki, I have to confess that MY family have no idea about my blog, so you weren't the only one I had secrets from!
D xx

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Lovely to see your snowy shot!sorry to hear about all the misadventure, typical at this time of year! Hope the weekend is panning out well?

Sarah x

April said...

Hi Vicki,

I'm nearly ready to send your swap parcel (honest!) can I have your address please

April xx

VintageVicki said...

April - I'll email you xx