Monday, 9 November 2009

Sometimes pics just happen

During yesterdays Rememberance Parade I intended to get photos of all 3 of my menfolk taking part - however these were meant to be added to the family album and to be shared with future generations.  However I guess after a couple of months blogging I've forgotten how to take pics of peopls faces! and all the pictures I took obscured their faces!

I managed to get MrVV hiding behind the Drum Major!

Big son kept his head firmly turned away from the camera - shame as he had the honour of carrying the scout troop standard.

Even my little poser of a son had his turned away from me.

Heyho there's always next year for marching pics. Least these ones are great for the blog.

Off to read my December Country Living which arrived today - I've been saving it for this evening when I have a quiet and men free house :)


Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

Floss said...

Thanks for these photos - as we have a bank holiday tomorrow, our remembrance events are on the day itself, so I may get some photos of the very poignant French memorial events, if it seems appropriate.