Saturday, 21 November 2009

Saturday ramblings

If ever there was the perfect name for a blog it has to be Bekimarie's, in fact if she hadn't already used the name its what I would have called my blog.

So far so good - woke up late for me (8.30am) and was just in time to say goodbye to MrVV who has headed off to Twickenham to watch England play New Zealand.

Have been to see my Mum to deliver christmas pressies that she has bought and needs to wrap ;) Cycled very carefully as included in the pile was that CK cakestand :)

She'd been to see my little brother graduate this week and gave me a copy of the sample picture, just to prove it had happened;

Now he really is my baby brother being 17 years younger than me (between us there are 5 other siblings - all girls).  Often when I think of him I think of the rhyme from the Twinkle comics -

He's small
He's sweet
He's seldom neat
He's full of fun & joy
He's grumby, friendly, naughty cute
Like any little boy
He's my baby brother

Ok so he towers over me and I know he'd hate to be referred to as cute but he is my baby brother and it was fantastic for my parents to see him graduate.  My parents were both very lucky to survive an horrific car crash at the end of the summer and the prospect of seeing J get his degree was something they held onto during their stay in hospital and during their long recovery back to normal.

After I left there, I popped into town and went into our church charity shop - is not easy to go in there as their opening hours vary from day to day.  I came out with two lovely items, some handmade christmas hearts;

and a beautiful bone china 'Yuletide' dish by Royal Albert;

Have had a little potter in the garden this afternoon and was pleased to discovered a huge clump of mushrooms/toadstools growing - I always imagine these to be home of the 'little people' and it was great to see a new home appear.

As well as a little people towerblock, there was so many examples of little hamlets of fairy homes springing up;

So there you go - my Saturday so far - completely random and rambling :)


Floss said...

I saw a cup which matched your plate in our French CS the other day - why didn't I buy it?

Thanks for the link, it's fun to see it on someone else's blog! Looking forward to sharing Advent with you...

Felicity said...

oh thats a lovely saturday! i love your little plate and the city in your garden, he he!! fliss xx

Country Bliss said...

Very pretty dish and great toadstool pics.
Yvonne x

A Country Girl said...

I've never been in that charity shop - must drop in some time. Love the hearts.

Speak soon!

VintageVicki said...

Thankyou ladies

Country Girl - you should go in - amazing what you can find if you really rummage. Still the cheapest one in town.

Florence and Mary said...

How wonderful that your parents were able to see your “little” brother graduate.

I have a “little” brother myself but he’s the one married with a child so he always seems the older one!

Victoria xx