Sunday, 29 November 2009

First Sunday in Advent

Having signed up for this I am for once at loss for what to type.  I guess Advent means different things to different people.  For those who are religious it is the start of the countdown to the celebration of the birth of Jesus, for small children it means chocolate, for parents it means the panic to get presents bought, wrapped and hidden - for me, ummmmmmmmm never given it much thought before.  I suppose its the start of the countdown to one of my favourite times of year - mainly because it means we are together as a family - no school or work to seperate us.

Today we headed to the next town for their christmas lights switch on. Little son has been playing a baritone for almost a year and he was playing with a small group from his school.  They did very well and received lots of praise from people watching them. (BTW he does normally play it properly - he was just hiding from the camera!!).

The weather tried its hardest to put us off going - we did get wet watching the children play.  However the sun fought and eventually won. We were treated to a beautiful rainbow;

Once little son had finished playing we popped into the fish & chip shop and left with bags of hot chips smoothered in vinegar :)

We had some time to look round the stalls and shops before we watched more the afternoons entertainment - a brilliant pipe & drum band;

and also Mr VV's brass band

Finally as the afternoon drew to an end, the person most of the younger people in the crowd were waiting for arrived - Father Christmas

He went off to his grotto accompanied by his elves were he was giving out presents to all the children.  He returned to the stage later where he was one of several people who pushed the plunger and switched the lights on (no picture - my battery died!!)

Right wish me luck - am heading Christmas shopping tomorrow with MrVV - one list has been written and we shall not be returning home until we've got everything!!


Pomona said...

Hope your shopping goes well - I try to do everything online now in an effort to lower the stress factor!

Pomona x

Floss said...

Beautiful Advent festivities - I love the way that you and your family seem to take such an active part in your community! said...

good luck with the shopping!

enjoyed this advent post, what great celebrations


jus said...

What lovely blue buses you have in your part of the world! I don't have a problem finding stuff to say on the advent posts...I'm just terrified I'll forget one, x

A Country Girl said...

I see my son's trombone slide has sneaked into the photo of Will!
We went home before the pipe band,as after a cup of mulled wine to wash my chips down, I felt a little sleepy ;)
Hope the shopping went well, wish I'd given you a list for me!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Looks like a really lovely afternoon, once the sun won out over the rain. And what a perfect and beautiful rainbow.

And chips from the chippy well that always makes any occaision a good ending.


VintageVicki said...

The blue bus is a sort of mobil youth club. They were there to promote their services.