Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Special Visitor :)

I wonder if I said the lines;

” A mouse took a stroll

through the deep dark wood.

A fox saw the mouse

and the mouse looked good”

How many children would know who came to my work today?

And how many parents have read that line over and over - either as a bedtime or just anytime favourite story.

Well the star of the recently voted for Best Bedtime Story came to see us at work today - and he was as ugly as the book suggests, complete with terrible tusks, purple prickles and of course his poisonous wart!!

It got me thinking as this wasn't a book that I ever read with my boys - it came out when the youngest was 2 but somehow missed us by.

I asked the boys tonight what their favourite bedtime story was when they were about playgroup age.  Big son (13 3/4) said this one;

and little son (11 3/4) said this one (and I must confess it was my favourite too);

You could take the little cardboard mole and move him through the slots in the pages until he gets to his own bed.

Nowadays the boys are too big for bedtime stories though reading is what they do each night before they go to sleep - sadly now MrTickle has been replaced by Terry Pratchett & Jeremy Clarkson and Mole has gone by the by and its Alex Rider that Will is currently enjoying.

What do your children like? What was/is their favourite?


karen said...

Hiya hunni
For river it just has to be the ever popular charlie and lola so much so that our chickens were named lola and lotta lol :0)
I've read those book's so many time's that river, even though he can't read yet, can tell me every single story word for word
But I must confess I really don't mind because I'm glad he takes such a keen interest in books and I do love charlie and lola too.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I love the Mr Men books! It's a pity some of todays children are interested in things which are far too grown up for them. They are not as innocent as before. Miss P still likes the Mr Men books. Some of the children in her previous school watched things which are totally unsuitable for their age. Sad that the parents don't seem to be that bothered!
Isabelle x

VintageVicki said...

Little son has just read todays post - we're now off into the attic to find the Mole book!!

I think reading with children is one of the best bits of being a parent. Its certainly paid off as both boys are book-worms and have shelves groaning with books.

Floss said...

You may not believe it, but we still do bedtime stories every night! I'm threatening to stop when the boys go into separate bedrooms, but for now they share a room and we have a quick read together to settle them down each night.

I always put the book we're sharing on my blog - for the moment it's Swallowdale, and they're requesting Inkheart next. Son 1 loved the Series of Unfortunate Events books, and is now trying to read Harry Potter in French (he's already read them in English). Son 2 hates reading on his own, but likes reading to other people. He's the star of his class at reading in French (pride, pride) but he actually struggles to read his texts alone - he only comes alive with an audience.

Thanks for sharing your great book experiences!

dottydaisies said...

we all love 'PANTS' in this house and spend at least 10 mins at the end arguing over which pants we loke the best x

Kelly said...

Oh I love the Gruffalo!!!
I just bought the books for my friend's Nephew. I would love to meet him!!!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Fairy tales, embellished by whoever is telling it. Epic fairy tales told across a week in episodc form! What joy! Thanks for asking!

Sarah x

Floss said...

Hello again! Thanks so much for the offer of Cadbury's Elves! However, we're actually going to spend Chrismas with Ben's parents in Somerset, and Ben's mum is quite a Cadbury's fan, so I suspect we may encounter them for the first time this year...

It's really kind of you, and if we'd been staying in France I'd definitely have taken you up on it. That said, when Easter comes, perhaps we could do a sweetie swap, because French Easter chocolate is really something, but we do miss Creme Eggs...