Thursday, 5 November 2009

Scary monsters, fireworks and festive pieces

Well when you miss a few days blogging, it seems there is so much to catch up on. 

Thankyou for all the good wishes and get well comments :) much appreciated.

Whilst I'm not working today, I'm feeling so much better and have even been out & about to catch up on my fresh air quota.  Cycled into town to get some essentials and also visit a couple of my favourite shops (more of that later).

Cast your mind back to last weekend and spooky Saturday.  Now we don't get groups of trick or treaters to our house - something to do with the dark lane we live down which was made more spooky on Saturday night by a veil of mist & fog.  However 2 groups of visitors did arrive - my little nieces & nephews.  The girls were both camera shy, which is a shame as they were the cutest sweetest witches I've ever met.  However my little nephew Ollie is not camera shy & here he is with my youngest Will.  Now the flash failed to go off on the first pic but actually I think it adds to the spooky effect;

We've made a start with our christmas celebrations - one of the first things that happens each year is we fill a box for Operation Christmas Child - the boys always pay for some of the items from their own money and my role is to complete the box.  This year we opted to send our box to a boy and I hope he enjoys the contents.

I've read on so many blogs about all the christmas magazines people have been buying and I've been tempted by a few;

Does seem this year the most popular giveaway is a calendar - I've now collected 3 - no excuses for us to miss anything important in 2010!

Thought you'd like to see some makes that have happened this week - the gingerbread men are mine - one is for a friend & he's scented with gingerbread oil and the other is coming to work with me to be used as a storytime prop.  The tree was made by Will - was surprised at how neat his sewing was and how little adult intervention he required.  He's now keen to make other shapes and give these as pressies to his teacher and grandparents.

Last but no means least, here's the results of my little trip into town this morning - a ladybird book for my collection and some pretty felt to make something for a sister for christmas.

Now today in the UK is Guy Fawkes aka Bonfire/Firworks night so this evening there will be plenty of loud crashes & bangs and the sky will be full of colour.  We're not out tonight but are planning to go to an event at the weekend.

See you soon xxx


Kate said...

Hi there,
it's going to be a noisy few nights isn't it?
The Rapunzel book brings back so many memories for me I still have my collection of Ladybird books I love them.
Take care

Florence and Mary said...

I'm so jealous of your Rupunzel book!!!!

Your gingerbread men are so cute.

Have fun at your fireworks at the weekend, we're having ours at the weekend too.

Victoria xxx

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh I do love a gingerbread man but do you remember the ladybird book about the gingerbread man? gave me the terrors, actually still does! your little fellas look lovely,

Sarah x

Tabiboo said...

I love those costumes and scary faces!!...

...and the gingerbread men look lovely.

Nina x

A Decluttered Life said...

Hi love your makes, your lads look very scary in those dressing up costumes. Its amazing how much everyone enjoys dressing up for halloween. My lad had a wee strop as his outfit was tight!x Dom