Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Another day - another parcel!

This time it wasn't a birthday pressie but a one-2-one swap with Floss, all the way from France.

The poor postie was greeted by the sight of a mad-haired, dressing gown clad 40 year old clutching her bucket of coffee - just hoping I wasn't the worst sight that greeted him that day!!

Anyhow - back to the parcel & the reason it is here with me in England.  When I first started blogging I soon found Floss & her blog and we started commenting on each others blogs & discovered that we've quite alot in common - the biggest being that we've both got 2 boys & the said boys are all of a similar age.  In one of my comments I mentioned chocolate and an offer was made to send some over to France.  Well the offer was remembered and last week we parcelled up our respective gifts & they were sent.  I'll let Floss show you what ex-pats miss most about british easter chocolate and I'll show you my parcel & its contents;

The card told me that in France chickens, bells & fish play as an important role in French Easter tradtions as bunnies & chicks do in ours.  I had to google this and am proud to say I learnt something new.  I explained this all to the boys who are now also aware of another countries tradtions.

The chicken in the middle of gorgeous and it will be hard eventually to break that up to eat it.  It reminded me so much of the 80's TV series Bread & I found myself singing the theme tune alot yesterday at random times!!

Also in the parcel were a selection of pretty french haberdashery items ;

All gorgeous & all for me :)

Thankyou Floss very much from me & the boys xxxxx

Yesterday afternoon I was entrusted with the job of collecting one of my nieces from school as her Mum was working an extra day & needed a hand with some childcare.  Its such a long while since I've collected a child from the primary school and I was quite looking forward to it.

'A' came skipping out of school and surprisingly for her had remembered all her stuff and there was no sending her back to collect forgotten items.  I even managed to collect the details for a playdate for her at the weekend - just call me SuperAuntie!!

She is such a sweet little girl - and was quite happy to amuse herself with my collection of vintage ladybird books - her she is snuggled up with little son whilst she reads him Snow White;

Middle of the week already - must sort my basket out for S&B tonight - no Country Girl as she is tied up with school plays at work :(  Nevermind we're planning a catch up on Friday.

I also need to get sorted for a very special houseguest who is arriving this week ;) - I've been promised that he is housetrained and easy to look after. I've roped in little son to help me. Who is it? I'll tell you soon ;)

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Duchess of Tea said...

Another box full of love arriving in the mail, lucky girl. They look so adorable snuggled in the chair together reading, so precious. God Bless them both and keep them safe and keep Super Auntie safe too. I can't wait to see who is coming over!!

Love & Hugs

TheMadHouse said...

What a lovely collection and Oh are you getting Ernest?

Isobel said...

What a lovely box of goodies!
The picture of your niece and son is just so cute!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

What a lovely swap. How kind.

Emma said...

Haha. I know what you mean about opening the door to greet the postie.. Lovely goodies.
Em x

Floss said...

They look happy in their new home! (Even though it will be a short life for the chocolate ones...) I've found the post where I explained the tradition of the bells last year. It's here:

So glad it all arrived safely. I'll just pop out to our post box now and see if yours is nestling inside!

A Country Girl said...

You really are getting spoiled this week!
What will you do next week, it will all seem so dull.
See you Friday!

Andrea said...

Hope you have an awesome week.
Hugs, andrea

winnibriggs said...

What a lovely parcel and a lovely idea. This is where blogging really comes into its own.
Jenny x

lemonade kitty said...

So nice to reciece a swap parcel from another country, lovely choccy goodies. Thanks ever so much for the postcards, there's a little something in the post for you Lucey xx

Floss said...

I've posted about your parcel today - I had great fun taking the photos! Thanks so much. This was a lovely swap.

harmony and rosie said...

Lovely swap. Lucky you with all that haberdashery and lucky boys - yum yum!!

bad penny said...

Hi - thanks for sendng me news of Ernest - a mum never stops worrying even when her little one has flown the nest !
What lovely treats from Floss - I'm amazed the chocolate animals arrived intact ! Enjoy !
(Keep 'em away from Ernest - he has a bit of a sweet tooth)

Tabiboo said...

Mmmmmmmm......chocolate - drool, drool!

Have fun munching,

Nina x