Thursday, 25 March 2010

A feathered houseguest ;)

As I mentioned in my last post, the VV family  has been expecting a houseguest.  Well there was a knock on the door this morning (and this time I was dressed ;) and the postie handed me a box.

Inside was this little fella;

Meet Ernest - he normally lives with Bad Penny @ The Hen House but during 2010 he is having a gap year and planning to visit as many bloggers as possible!  He arrived with his own nest box, passport & bucket in which he is collecting little items from all his stays!

He came to me after staying with Pomona & Princess Bunchy @ Little Cottage Comforts. 

So far he has been the idea houseguest. After lunch he sat & watched me add a few rows to my latest blanket square;

He was left in charge whilst I went to little sons parents evening - he even made sure that little son had his after school bun & drink;

Its been a lot cooler here in Suffolk today and this afternoon was wet & windy.  Ernest found it a little chilly in the VV house until I quickly knitted him a little scarf ;

One very happy visitor - happy then to check little sons homework;

Both boys have gone to scouts tonight so the house it quiet :)  Little son has decided that Ernest may share his room and before he left he took Ernest up to meet the rest of the bedtime gang;

Tomorrow I am off out with my friend Country Girl and I expect Ernest will come too. 

I've been wondering how to entertain my little friend over the weekend - dependant on the weather, he may be off to see some steam engines and hopefully the seaside :)

Already we need to think where Ernest can head next - though I might be naughty & let him stay here over the Easter weekend so he doesn't spend it in the sorting office. If you think you can offer him B&B next - leave a comment on this post & between Ernest & Little Son they'll decide where he fancies visiting next ;)

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx


A Country Girl said...

Would Ernest like cappuccino or latte?
He looks a lot less bother than my feathered friends.

Floss said...

He's welcome in France if he'd like to wing his way over the channel, but perhaps he'd rather stay in the UK? Looks like he's well settled in at your place, anyway!

lemonade kitty said...

Please can He visit me?? He could have a ride on the rocking horse, Have a birdie treat in Sweetpea Cottage and enjoy a trip out in my mini...Lucey xx

Jen said...

What a gorgeous idea! Ernest looks very comfortable and extremely cosy in his new scarf! :)

harmony and rosie said...

Hands up here for Mr Ernest please, the children would love to entertain him at the seaside.

Kate x

winnibriggs said...

Hi there
Vernon the friendly vulture would so like to meet Ernest and discuss all their travels. He too has been a bit of a globetrotter. Vernon would enjoy showing him a good time whilst making sure he was well fed and cared for and given the best facilities.
We hope we may meet him soon.
Jenny x

Beach Bygones said...

Maybe he could visit the Woodbridge vintage fair and the Easter egg hunt at Elmhurst park over the Easter weekend!


Perhaps Ernest would like a taste of Anglesey, North Wales, maybe he learn a little of the Welsh language, enjoy the sea and the wonderful Snowdonia Mountains!
And we could give him a few hints ore carboot thrifting!
Looking at the comments, it seems hes spoilt for choice!

Vicky x

magsmcc said...

Oh this is fabulous- would he not love to come to Northern Ireland- we're off to Belfast Zoo next week and he would love the lemurs!

Sarah said...

Oh how lovely!! I love that you knitted him a scarf. Gosh he's having such a great time, makes me think I should put myself in a box with a stamp too.

Vintage from the Village said...

Aah how sweet is that. My daughter used to bring home a teddy from school and we would have great fun with him !
Would he like to migrate to South Devon maybe?
Best wishes
Sue x

TheMadHouse said...

You have made my heart sing today, it came. I cried and cried and cried, it is all so perfect, the bunting is hung in the kitchen already.

The choclate has just been ate, the boys presents are set aside for tomorrow and thank you, thank you, thank you.

I would be more than happy to have a house guest too

bad penny said...

I'm sure Ernest will be better off with you than in the sorting office - just a wiff of chocolate eggs & he's your best friend for life !
Cute scarf - I can't wait to hear about Suffolk. When he comes home I'll be sure to get him to help Jess revise for her A levels - now that he knows how to help with homework.
Have a lovely weekend xx

Pomona said...

Glad he arrived safely - he looks like he is having lots of fun!

Pomona x

silverpebble said...

Ernest seems to be enjoying his stay at your place - what a well-travelled fellow he will be by the end of the year!

Kelly said...

We would love to have Ernest come and stay with us. My little boy's middle name is also Ernest so I am sure they would get on well.