Saturday, 27 March 2010

Weekend - part 1

Well weekends always start on a Friday don't they?

Had a good morning out with my friend, Country Girl, we headed over to Saxmundham, a little town that I've not been to much in recent years.  Was amazed at how much the high street has changed & the excellent mix of shops there now.

Most importantly coffee was the first stop of the morning;

(oh yes Ernest came too)

We then had a good wander round the town & shops. For once the charity shops turned up nothing for me :(  However I made up for it in the haberdashery shop, where one or two pretty buttons came home with me ;

As it was still sunny in the afternoon & I needed to buy birthday pressies for my FIL, I headed into my little town.  The call of the charity shops was great & I managed several pretty little things - 2 pieces of flowery fabric - perfect for bunting, a pretty pillowcase & an Enid Blyton book which was one of my childhood favourites - total spend £1.50!

Friday night was spent watching the start of Somewhere Over the Rainbow - looking forward to see who wins and of course singing along each week.  All this was accompanied by some birthday chocolates & some of MrVV's homebrew cider *hic*

Saturday morning dawned bright & sunny.  MrVV had a brass engagement this morning - the opening for the season of the museum in town;

(these letters were made by my grandfather who worked in this factory in its heyday).

The museum was keen to show off its latest engine - this used to work in the town 40+ years ago taking things from one factory across town to the other & also to the railway mainline.  It was brought back here about 6 years ago and needed major repairs - now almost £100,000, it looks like this;

This steam roller was made in the Garrett factory & is a familar sight around town & at steam fairs all over the place;

Ernest wanted to sit on both of these but as it was very busy it was not possible. Instead he posed in the workmans van which was also restored by the museum;

Ernest has gone on a special mission this afternoon, he accompanying little son to his grade 2 violin exam.  Little son is a tad nervous & Ernest is hoping that his presence will help him overcome his nerves.

As Mum left at home I need my own Ernest - will be glad when the call comes through to say it is all over & they are on their way home.

A quick turnaround is required as little son is off out tonight to play his baritone with the training brass band he plays with - MrVV is taking him & is picking up T (son of Country Girl) on the way.

Another busy day tomorrow - more birthday celebrations - this times its my FIL's 75th birthday & we're off out as a family for lunch :)

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Vintage from the Village said...

Hi All good stuff - so nice about your Grandad making those letters, it must be nice for you to see them there
Enjoy rest of your weekend
Sue x

bad penny said...

Tell Ernest that somewhere we have a model of that steam engine - he can sit on it when he comes home ( notice how I say when not if he comes home ?! )
Glad he is getting some musical education - he will be a very well rounded young chap after his gap year !

harmony and rosie said...

Sounds like Ernest is having a grand old time, I hope he worked his magic. How lovely to be a part of the history of the town, you must feel very nostalgic each time you pass the museum.
Have a lovely (wet) weekend.
Kate x

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful connection to the museum. Good to read that Saxmundham has changed, it was looking a little forlorn last time I was there. Best of luck to your son for the result of his music exam ... :0)

Shirl x

JP said...

you make me feel exhausted and it's only sat evening!!!!!

winnibriggs said...

Great to hear the latest adventures of Ernest and hope he brought your son luck! The thought that your town has been regenerated gives me hope for ours as it is sadly neglected at the moment.

Megan said...

mr meddles muddles! i had that book when i was little and i do remember reading it a good few times. i'm sure my dad has got it packed away in a box somewhere at his house to save for when my sister and i have kids. ahh memories :)

Josie-Mary said...

I loved that book when I was young. Looks like Ernest is having a ball :)

lemonade kitty said...

Ernest looks like He,s having sooo much fun in the sunshine. Lucey xx

bellaboo said...

Ernest certainly gets around doesn't he!
Hope you enjoy all the celebrations.


A Country Girl said...

Have agood lunch - and thank MrVV for his the lift last night - it turned out to be a late one didn't it.

melanie said...

Ernest is one lucky chicken! He is touring Britain, lol. Sounds like you had a lovely Saturday. xxx