Monday, 8 March 2010

More flowers & an escape from Suffolk!!

How was your weekend?

If you looked out of the window here in Suffolk at the weekend you'd have been convinced it was a summers day - blue skies & sunshine.  However stepping outside you soon realised that it is still rather wintery.  The best option was to find somewhere where you could see the outside but not actually be in it unless you were wrapped up well.

Saturday morning I wrapped up warm and headed into town - primarily to buy things I'd forgotten to get when I went to the supermarket on Thursday!! As I was by myself I nipped into the CS's to see if anything caught my eye.  One item did - this pretty flower paperweight - ideal for stopping my pattern pieces disappearing off my sewing table;

I did spend some time in the garden with MrVV - mainly pruning stuff back - not my favourite part.  When eventually it was too cold I came back indoors and headed for my sewing room.  I've been meaning to make myself a pincushion for ages as its so much easier to get pins from one of those than from a tin when you are in the middle of something.  It needed a base and I found one of my recent CS finds was the perfect answer;

Sunday  dawned bright and sunny - it would have been an ideal day to spend mucking out our conservatory - which doubles as a nursery for seedlings and does not get used at all in the winter as its unheated.  However we had a long standing lunch with friends over the border in Essex planned so off we headed.  We had a lovely lunch and good catch up with friends - plans made for a camping trip in the summer too.  After a while when you've 4 boys indoors the need comes to exercise them ;) so our friends suggested a local woods which would give the boys room to burn off some of the energy.

It was a lovely walk - the only downside that VV family weren't equipped with decent walking shoes and there was quite a bit of mud!  There were signs of spring in abundance - the biggest being the sight of tiny bluebell plants which we are assured will look amazing in a few weeks when they are in flower - my friend has promised to send me a photo.

A large fallen tree was of course a magnet for the boys - 3 of which managed to stay still(ish) for a photo;

Lastly in my Show&Tell Sunday post you might just have caught a glimpse of a jug of flowers on the dresser? Well the hyacinth has finished but the daffs today are in full bloom and I thought they'd add a hint of spring to my blog;

See you later in the week.

xxxx Vicki xxxx


made with love said...

What a lovely weekend you have had. The sunshine was lovely wasn't it. I know what you mean about the cold though. Brrr.
Have fun,
Rachael XX

bellaboo said...

Lovely to get out in the sunshine as long as you were well wrapped up...the winds were bitter weren't they?
Love the flower paperweight!

Bellaboo :o)

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Yes you are still needing all the winter clobber at the mo! Bit of a shock when it looks so bright outside.

I love your pin cushion. What a cute tea cup.

Lovely daffs too! So bright and cheery, I am waiting for mine to spring into life.


Floss said...

Oh, Spring is on its way (I have to say this, as we are under snow again in the south of France and this is Just Not Fair!) Anyway, what a lovely post. I can just imagine your trip out into the muddy forest in inadequate shoes to keep boys active - been there, done that!

Isobel said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend. The paper weight is really cute. :)

A Country Girl said...

It was very cold -hope you wrapped up warm on Sunday ;)

TheMadHouse said...

Sounds like a great weekend, loving the daffs

all kinds of everything said...

That is a lucky find: What a lovely paperweight.
Love the daffs - and the green jug too -

JP said...

love the paperweight!

Kelly said...

What a lovley weekend! i really need to sort out my garen! It looked so lovely last summer and now is looking a bit sorry for itself!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh oh, Spring is slowly but most definitively arriving.... warmth on our faces, just love it! Pretty pictures!