Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wet,windy Wednesday & the week so far

Good morning

Seems spring has sprung away & winter has returned.  Its wet & very windy out there this morning. Have a feeling that I shall have to do a mercy dash to rescue some battered & bruised daffs later :(

Thankyou to all those who wished Little Son well - he was much better on Monday but still spent the day at home. Mainly giving me a running commentary on what I was doing!! Back to school on Tuesday which he was pleased about as he really loves school.

As the cake tins were empty on Monday and as I'd received 2 new cookery books for my birthday, it was time to get baking.  After much deliberation, we chose Coffee Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery book and Oat & Raisin Cookies from the Hummingbird Bakery book;

(note the presence of Ernest standing guard ;) )

In a brief lull in the rain yesterday it was out to the garden armed with secateurs to collect some braches & budded twigs to make an Easter tree - am hoping that by the weekend, the buds will open & it should be a mix of green, pink & yellow :)

Amazingly Ernest didn't sneak into that photo - he's certainly got about this week.  Little son has taken a real shine to him and was concerned that Ernest was due another trip via Royal Mail soon. We then had a flash of inspiration - Ernest is travelling to his next home by car - he's coming with me & Country Girl to the Vintage Fair at Woodbridge on Saturday. There he (along with his travelling box & goodies) shall be handed over in person to Julie (Beach Bygones)

Ernest spent sometime yesterday in my sewing room - here he is with Amy having a gossip & wondering why there are legs all over my sewing table!!

The legs are part of a mass production of ragdolls. I've rather bravely agreed to a 1/4 share in a craft stall with my sisters at the end of May. Rather scary as I've not done anything like this before - but as they say nothing ventures nothing gained. Least its only 1/4 of a stall & I shall have plenty of company that day.

A little celebration is in order this morning - I've reached another blogging milestone - 100 lovely followers :) Thankyou to Claire (Are We Nearly There Yet) who helped me reach this last night;

One last thing before I go and enter the world of domestic bliss - don't forget to enter my giveaway (button in the sidebar). I shall be drawing the winner out on Easter Monday (5th April);

Here's hoping Spring returns soon - see you later in the week

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Isobel said...

Hi Vicki,
Glad to hear that your son is feeling better. Those Hummingbird Oat and raisin cookies are so delicious, aren't they? Here, I made a good lot of batches and they all disappeared. :)
Congratulations on reaching 100 followers. That is a great milestone. :)
BTW, your Easter tree looks fab!

Sarah said...

That sounded like a very productive week for you all. That baking sure looks good. We haven't baked in ages. Well done on 100 followers!

bad penny said...

At first I thought you were making Ernest some socks !!!
Glad he won't be caught up in the Easter Post - he wouldn't fit anyway with a tummy full of those lovely homemade cakes !

bellaboo said...

Ooh,lots going on in the VV household this week!I have now caught Mr Boo's bug,so feeling sorry for myself.
Congrats on reaching your 100!...I'm nearly there and then I'll do a giveaway.

Bellaboo :0)

Pink Milk said...

Lovely to meet you VV! Thanks for coming to visit my little bloglet. (Big smile and wave!)

I love your easter tree. Plus, young Ernest is a dashing chap; I wonder if he is flirting everso slightly with Amy? There is a definite glint in his eye! ;-)

Off to investigate your giveaway ...


Vintage from the Village said...

Thanks for the pic of the cakes- my book has been flicked through but thats it so far !
Love your tree- not done mine yet - oh no !
Sue x

RosieP said...

The cakes and cookies look lovely.

Hugs RosieP x

A Country Girl said...

You have 102 now!
Hope Ernest has a Sou'wester - if this weather keeps up he might need it!
See you later

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

YAY!!! 100 Fabby Followers!
Our Easter tree is up too, and GROWING!
Apart from the buds opening out, my boys keep hanging more things on to it LOL,(so glad we can share boyish things in common) anyhow, I keep finding several toy soldiers dangling from the branches! Hmmmm how very Eastery they are...NOT!
Keep up the good work, and yummy cakes! xxx

magsmcc said...

Oh I think a craft fair is the very place for you, Vintage Vicki! Your talents are straining far beyond mere blogging!

harmony and rosie said...

I agree about this weather, I am freezing here and the heating's back on again. Oh well, what can we expect, it is holiday time after all!!

Looking forward to seeing your makes for the fair in May.

Kate x

Alijane said...

Hi Vicki,

Thanks for following my blog and leaving a comment. Your blog looks fab and really looks like my cup of tea. Will follower you too if thats ok.

Take care


winnibriggs said...

Glad to hear your boy is better. What a busy week and great news about your coming debut at the craft stall. Just enjoy it they are always fun! Congratulations on your followers, I think cake is also called for with that champagne. :)

Anonymous said...

good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

JP said...

that cooking looks excellent

Felted House said...

I'm glad to see a photo of your Easter Tree with its chickens, like mine. Am unfortunately envious of your cupboard behind it housing a proper china collection - I'm just starting a china collection but alas so far have no nice cupboard! xx