Friday, 12 March 2010

An odd week

Has been a very strange week - started with such high hopes & plans but just seemed my get up and go, got up and went.  The weather hasn't helped - been cold & grey for most of the week with the odd glimmer of something  sunnier but often only for a few fleeting moments :(

Apparently its all down to my age - big birthday soon.  Caught part of Grumpy Old Women on Monday night and the signs of ageing include - talking about the weather (tick), knitting (tick) and wearing glasses (tick).

Hoping this weekend things pick up and my GUAG returns.

In one brief spurt of crafting, I made a card for my Mum for Sunday (Mothering Sunday here in the UK);

Have also made her a brooch;

and if they survive there's also a box of her favourite chocolates. 

Even the charity shops this week haven't turned up much excited - infact my only purchase this week was this pretty little posy - I've seen these so often on other blogs. This one was hidden away in a dusty corner and was only 50p;

Lastly on Wednesday I headed as normal to S&B group.  As a break from knitting I've been having a few lessons in dressmaking.  Last week we made patterns for a skirt - mine needed a lot of altering - not sure how my measuring partner came up with those numbers - they were a long way out and I could have fitted a friend in there! Anyhow this week we made the necessary adjustments and once it was sewn together my calico mockup fitted perfectly. Just need to fine some summery skirt fabric soon and remember how to put zips in.

A couple of my sisters come to the group - one of them brought me a bag of goodies. A gorgeous woollen dress (a CS bargain complete with tags) which replaces one I've worn to death and a selection of Ladybird books;

Off to the hairdressers today - need a full de-yetifying and also my grey highlights need covering up.

Here's hoping the weekend brings better things - menfolk have promised to cook on Sunday and also to build my dolls house so I can get on with the serious business of decorating it.  Hopefully whilst thats all happening I can find my mojo, get my colour-swap parcel finished and start something I want to make for a giveaway thats being planned ;)

Until next time

xxxx Vicki xxxx


bellaboo said...

Your Mum will be thrilled with the handmade card and brooch! Always have a chuckle at GOW,I can identify with so much of it...sadly.
Hope you come out of the hairdressers feeling like a new woman...always perks me up,a bit of pampering!
Enjoy the weekend.

Bellaboo :o)

TheMadHouse said...

Love the card, it looks so professional - well done you.

I am sorry that you have had a bit of a grey week. We have had sunshine until today and it does make so much difference

A Country Girl said...

The weather hasn't been that grey, has it? It must just be your mood - been there, done that this time last year!
You've reminded me to get you a card when I go to the shops!

made with love said...

Oooo, you are not your cheery self today. Hope the grey clouds pass soon and you are feeling happier. Maybe with your new hair cut? I always find that once I have had my hair cut it always lifts me a little. If I feel good on the outside it makes me feel good on the inside.
I love the card you made for your mum. It is so lovely. Hope you have a lovely mothers day and that those men folk look after you.
Have fun,
Rachael XX

Isobel said...

Hi Vicki,
I am sorry your week hasn't gone to plan. Sometimes that happens here too. With a little one we just never know what can happens, specially when said little one starts his toddlering about. LOL
I love the little posy you found at the CS. Last Saturday I found one as well but when I picked it up it was broken. Such a shame!
Have a wonderful Mother's day!

charl said...

love the little china posy you found..
i think it must have been the week for it . ive felt so narky all week.. i also wear glasses perhaps thats somthing to do with it haha..
enjoy having your hair done xx

Kelly said...

Love the card and brooch you made your mum! How pretty!

Pea Green Kitty said...

The Mothers day goodies are lovely, Its always nice to receieve something handmade as you know that lots of love, thought and effort has gone into it,im sure your Mother will be thrilled.
Well weekend is upon us again (where does the time go!) so I hope your mojo returns soon...have fun whatever you are doing!

topchelseagirl said...

Your Mum will be thrilled with your handmade goodies, such a personal touch. I know what you mean about the grey weather this week, where is the sun hiding?

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh I love your Mothering Sunday gifts! Your mum will be thrilled. That ceramic posy is so pretty.
Hope you feel more cheerful soon. It's so miserable here today it's enough to make anyone down in the dumps!

Floss said...

For a non-productive week, you've done pretty well, Vicki! I hope that with such a great weekend lined up, you get a bit of sunshine too, and then I bet your GUAG will come back! Mine didn't disappear at 40, honest, and neither will yours, you young thing!



JP said...

some weeks are just like that!

Felicity said...

Oh Vicki Im the same! ive just dyed my hair as i found a few greys that were as thick and steely as wire!

what dollshouse have you got? Ive got fiarbanks and a vintage one but have just ordered a smaller one as fairbanks is sooooo big, just waiting for it to come im planning on doind a mini version of the 1940s house, i do have a dolls house blog here

thanks for your kind words about my neighbour,

fliss xx

Josie-Mary said...

Love the card. I've been off all week & had great plans but I haven't done anything!!!! Sometimes I think we need to stop & relax.....that's my excuse....nothing to do with the games on Facebook then!!! Have a good weekend :)

Tabiboo said...

Tick, tick, tick for me too and I've got a couple of years before the big four 0 yet!!

Hope you have a better weeke next week and 'yay' it's the weekend.

Rubyred said...

Love the gifts you have made for your mum! Gorgeous!
Rachel x

maryannlucy said...

Some days you need to just "ugh" to recharge the batteries, hope they are recharged as quickly as possible, in the meantime have a lovely day tomorrow x

Alexandra Mason said...

Love the card you made for your Mom. Hope you are having a lovely weekend xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card and brooch. What a sweet little find at the charity shop ... :0)

Hope you are feeling much better soon. Its been such a horrid, long, cold winter, we could all do with a bit of sun to cheer us up (yep, tick the weather box lol!)

Shirl x

VintageVicki said...

Thankyou folks for your kind comments.

Things much improved - amazing the power of a haircut/colour & pretty new hairclip!!

Mum loved her card & pressies :)

AND dolls house is built :) and swap stuff finished AND something made for a giveaway :)

Keep a watch for my next blog post ;)