Monday, 17 September 2012

Boats, Bands, Samba & Sunshine

Good afternoon.

Hope you had a good weekend? We were so lucky here in Suffolk - extremely good weather on Saturday and not to bad on Sunday - both days were dry and warm enough not to have to wear a coat :)

Saturday afternoon saw me heading to Woodbridge with MrVV. He'd been asked to play with another brass band as they were short of a tuba player. I went along too as I rather like Woodbridge.

The event was to celebrate 1000 years of Maritime history in Woodbridge and was based along the river-front. Lots of stalls and lots of people - best of all - blue skies and sunshine :)

The view across the river to the Tide Mill

Such a pretty spot - lots to watch - rowers, small boats and lots of ducks.

 As part of the celebrations there was a re-enactment of 'something' - sorry I wasn't really paying attention. These 18th century soldiers had a camp set up and plenty of people were wandering around chatting to them and learning stuff - me? I found a spot in the sunshine and sat listening to the band, having an ice-cream and reading a book!

Sunday was another band - this time with the normal band - both MrVV & Little Son were involved. A family favourite - a trip to Henham Steam Rally - we've been here so many times with the boys and both love it. So much so that BigSon even came out of his lair for the day!! Whilst the two brass players played - we walked miles around the site several times - finding things we both wanted to see.

 BigSon managed to squeeze himself into this little electric Renault Twizzy - amazingly he could fit himself into the back seat too. Not sure its the most practical of cars - no idea where your shopping is supposed to go!!
 A proper Romany Vardoe - beautifully painted.

 Lots of lovely classic and beautifully restored cars to see - I of course was attracted to something less 'classic' this little Fiat had been given a makeover - complete with ladybird spots, false eyelashes and a clockwork handle on the back which turns when the engine is running!!

 Inside was equally as wacky - fake grass on the parcel shelf and a collection of small toys having a picnic!!

 We heard the samba band before we could see them - very colourful - just a shame they had no dancers with them.

This gorgeous vintage caravan caught my eye. Restored to its former glory by a lovely couple who were happy for me to have a good look around and take photos.

After all the playing was done - it was time for a quick trip to the vintage funfair. BigSon terrified another band member on the big wheel - she was squealing at him to stop rocking the seat so much - rotten boy ;) LittleSon and MrVV went on together;

 Seems that teenage facebook pose is catching on with the older generation ;)

Like father, like son - manic grins all round!
A lovely day out - ended off with a takeaway for dinner and then a glass of wine and Downton Abbey :)
See you soon


thriftwood said...

Such loveliness! Would love the gypsy caravan, little Fiat and vintage caravan ... can't choose which I like best, so I'll just have to have them all!

Enjoy your Monday,

Claire xxx

Liz said...

Fabulous little caravan! Love those blue skies.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Anonymous said...

Love that Fiat and the caravan. The caravan wasn't been pulled by a Morris Traveller by any chance was it?

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely day out. In my mind I'm picturing little Fiat towing little caravan ... ! M x

Vix said...

I love those Fiat 500s! That car your son's in is cute but you're right, useless for shopping! x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

That little caravan is sooo cute! Ada :)

lavender attic said...

Please let me have that gorgeous caravan!! - I will make do with just having a peek at the photos you have taken!! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place, stunning photos. Sally x

Lisa said...

You did get to see some fab things this weekend.
Love the ladybird car, like the name Twizzy and the caravan is very retro chic indeed.
Lisa x

...Tabiboo... said...

What funny little cars - my son would do exactly the same....just because and to see if he could!

Nina x

FeltByRae said...

It's not often I pine for the east now that I am happily settled in the Southwest, but oh I do miss woodbridge! Looks like you have been having such a lovely time

LaaLaa said...

What a fantastic day, Vicki! Great photos. I love the vintage Fiat 500. I adore the vintage ones but am not so find of the modern version. The Mr is desperate for me to have one and it's not going to happen. Funny really, as I love vintage Minis but also love the new version and actually own one. Wasn't Downton great? Oh my word! Can't wait til next week. X

Sheila said...

Such pretty pictures, i love the re-enactment of ......erm, something!! hehe,thats what i would do!
So pretty, you live somewhere so beautiful.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

brilliant post vicki! Those re - enactment things always scare me a little and I give them a wide berth!
I love that little fiat 500 - my mum had a tangerine orange one when we were little. I love the idea of a handle that turns when the engine is running - how sweet.
fee x