Sunday, 9 September 2012

Waiting for Bradley Wiggins & friends

Good evening

Just a quick post whilst I wait for dinner to finish cooking.

Today Suffolk was proud to be the starting point for this years Tour of Britain cycling race - it started this morning on the waterfront in Ipswich and wound its way through the Suffolk countryside and along the coast heading over the border into Norfolk for a finish near Norwich.

We were so pleased when the route was announced - not only was it visiting our county but it was coming right through the centre of my little town.

Here's a few photos - I was trying to snap away as well as watch AND it all went passed so quickly!!

 We were so pleased to see crowds lining the route through the town - I don't think there's ever been so many people watching anything in our town before. The motorcycle outriders were there to provide a rolling road closure and they were also great fun too - posing for pictures and getting the crowds going :)

 This was the first group through - a breakaway of 4 riders who had a 5 minute lead at this point on the others.

 Team Sky at the front - one of these may well be Mr Wiggins - so difficult to see here.

 A few more.

 And the rest.

The view as they headed up the hill and onto their next point.

Rather lovely and over too quickly.

Going to watch the highlights on TV tonight just so we can see a bit more.

See you soon - more crafting pics to share :)

xxx Vicki xxx
Thanks for the comments on my last post - trying to reply to everyone individually (eventually). Definitely feeling better now :) Thanks also for the comments on my pics - I try hard to get good pics - much easier with subjects that stay still!!


miss_b said...

fab - great weather for it too. It's coming to my town tomorrow but sadly when I'm at work so won't see it. Practically going past the end of my street too!!!

**Anne** said...

How exciting for you! It looks like you had a fun time.
Anne xx

WinnibriggsHouse said...

We really have been spoiled this year with the all the events that have been going on. We were thrilled to have the Olympic torch pass right in front of our house. It has been so nice to see how everyone has been giving their support.

Josie-Mary said...

Very exciting!! :) x

Country Rabbit said...

looks like a beautiful day in the celebrations! ;0) ive been catching up on your blog and it sure has cheered my spirits up!- love all your crafty makes and beautiful photography ;0)x