Monday, 24 September 2012

Officially Autumn

Good afternoon

Yep the equinox has passed and we are now officially in Autumn - the season of colourful leaves, woolie jumpers and snuggling under blankets.

However today here in Suffolk it wasn't nice Autumn - it was blooming horrid - torrential rain from lunchtime onwards and those poor leaves that have turned a golden brown were being blown around by high winds too. Two very soggy teenagers arrived home from school this afternoon - raincoats no match for the awfulness we've had here. Luckily I was prepared - towels were handed over and once soggy things were put to dry/into the wash, mugs of tea were handed out and a emergency packet of biscuits were opened!

Anyhow - back to Autumn - I was browsing blogland the other day and I spotted a challenge on moonstruckcreations blog which was right up my street. Find a view or two or even more and take a picture of it each week to track the progress of Autumn.

I've picked 4 spots from around the garden and will take a picture of them each week and then do a mosaic post at the end of each month to show the changes.

 First place - the corner by the summerhouse - as you can see this picture wasn't taken today - there's washing on the line and a cheeky squirrel attempting a raid of the bird feeders.

 View two - This border is just outside the back door - the silver birch tree is a self seed and wasn't even here when we moved in 9 years ago!

View 3 - three trees in the front garden - as you can see today it was very gloomy here :(

View 4 - the cherry tree and honeysuckle that covers one fence - you can just see the start of the leaves changing colour.

Whilst we are on the subject of Autumn - here's a common view in the kitchen this time of year;

 A busy stove top - soup in one pan and a beef stew in the other.

I started making some hedgerow (sloe, blackberry and elderberry) gin at the weekend - can't sample this until Christmas though. 

Have a good week all - here's hoping it doesn't rain everyday - already my kitchen is looking like a laundry with two clothes horses of stuff drying in there.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Thrift Bee said...

That is a great idea, do you mind if i join in. I'll pick my spots tomorrow and try to remember to photograph them every week. Your garden looks lovely. How very nice of the silver birch to come and stay. I plan to plant a little group of silver birches in my newly remodeled garden.

minibreakfast said...

The gin sounds great vik! I've saved you the new Q magazine as it has interviews with Mumford & Sons plus Green Day, both faves of yours IIR xxx

moonstruckcreations said...

Thanks so much for joining in the Autumn Views Chalalenge - I must say you have chosen fab views to "track"!

Love the look of all that preserving - I bet your kitchen smells divine!

Hope you and yours are keeping nice and cosy this evening - the rain has stopped here but from the look of it not for long.


lavender attic said...

Hi Vicki
Yummy Hedgerow Gin...I had an early taste of my Hedgerow Vodka on Saturday night (very impatient!!)
Love your new header, it's made me smile!
X Sally

Isobel said...

Lots of Autumn loveliness here. The picture taking is a great idea. I would love to join but I will be away for two weeks during autumn so I wouldn't have time. :(
I be looking forward to seeing your pictures. xx

Beki said...

What a great challenge!
Have never tried sloe gin but sounds delicious and I love having soup/stew simmering on the stove top xx

Vix said...

What a great idea, I'm too ashamed to show the state of my garden so I'll live vicariously through yours!
That gin sounds amazing! x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Great idea! Camera would have got soaked today though! Will get my thinking cap on! Ada :)

A tale from toadstool house said...

Hi Vicki,love the sound of Helens autumn watch,We've a really cheeky squirell here too,hes broken both nut dispensers now and doesnt give the poor little birdys achance with the seeds.
We made sloe gin last year :) the stove looks the same here a constant pot of soup on.
A cuppa and a biccie always works wonders after a soggy day too.Xxxx

**Anne** said...

Autumn is just not happening here downunder so I can't join in. :) It's a lovely idea and a great way to keep a record of the season. Loving the look of those yummy things in your kitchen.
Anne xx

Northern Hi-Lights said...

Woken up to stormy weather this morning, must have worked its way up the country..pity there is school and work to contend with, just fancy a day pottering in the kitchen. Hope its brighter with you today x

mrsmsmeanderings said...

I love the idea of the photo challenge, and all your wintery cooking and hedgerow gin sounds lovely x

♥ Miss Tea said...

The Autumn views challenge sound interesting, love all your photos and the soup and beef stew look mouthwatering and perfect for this kind of weather, here at my end is also gloomy, wet and so windy!

x susan ( )

Lisa said...

Good idea about the photography challenge.
I do love autumn, just not the clothes having to be inside to dry again!
Lisa x

...Tabiboo... said...

It's the same here with the teen!

He's left two raincoats in his locker so far this week - tomorrow if it rains I've threatened him with a flowery umbrella!

Nina x

ps. it's still horrid here.

Jay said...

Soup and stew, thats a sign winter is on it's way - I'm going to try some hedgerow gin for this winter I think, you've inspired me.

Jo said...

Oh, I LOVE autumn! Will be watching your photo challenge with interest! Jo x

BadPenny said...

What a great idea tho Autumn so far a washout ( apart from soups & casseroles bubbling away ) Autumn brings such lovely colours.

Nowak said...

nice shots! like your scale :)