Monday, 10 September 2012

Mondays Musings

Good evening

Well that's another week started then - honestly they are going by so quickly at the moment.

Today was the first day of 'back to normal' - MrVV at work, Little Son at school and Big Son finally started 6th form - he's been on hols since late June, he was more than ready to get back to using his brain.

I've been trying over the last few weeks to be more organised - this is week 3 and so far so good :) I right myself a task list for each day - some mundane and some nicer ones. Today's included more fruit shopping! Our local greengrocers has loads of English apples and plums for sale at the moment and they are rather lovely - as fast as I buy them they get eaten!!

Another item on the list was catch up on photo taking. I've joined a local Facebook selling page and its proving a good way of getting some extra pennies - working my way through the big pile of items I never got round to carbooting this summer!!

As well as those pics of course I found time for a couple of bloggy ones too;

The lovely Lucey from Lemonade Kitty is also a fellow Ladybird book collector and she responded when I had a couple of doubles to swap - here's what she sent me. Not one I'd seen before but its lovely and I was pleased to see a section about Ely Cathedral we visited last month in there too. Thanks Lucey :)

Right I promised a crafty catch up too. The squares from a previous post sat in a pile whilst I pondered what to do with them - I liked them but wasn't 100% happy. A quick look through Pinterest and Instagram gave me the answer. The white square was unravelled and I used the white to border the other squares. All 6 have been joined together and voila - the first 6 squares of a 36 square blanket;

I've got a while till this needs to be finished so there might not be much progress in the next few weeks. Instead I must crack on with making for the next fair. I've a huge list of ideas and pile of fabric so there is no excuse not to have loads to sell.

I mentioned at the beginning it was Big Sons first day at 6th form - he reluctantly posed for photos this morning - after all these years in school he knows the drill. Perhaps for his 18th birthday I can put them all together as a mosaic!!

He came home from school tonight shattered - so much to take in, new timetable, new classrooms, no rules and just the shock of a school day after so much time off!

Right time for me to have a wander around blogland and get caught up with everyone.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

My daughter has just started Senior school, she grimaced at this years photo! Mosaic sounds good! Poor lad! Ada :)

LaaLaa said...

Doesn't he look grown up! The first day at Sixth Form is always daunting. Much harder than school. I've never seen that Ladybird book either. Shall keep my eye out. Xx

Rebecca said...

Followed my way through to your blog from Thrift Bee and Im glad I did. I think the 18th Bday idea is brilliant, my eldest son starts pre-school in October and I am going to take a photo on his 1st day of each year.

Lisa said...

Great swap book you got there with Ely featured.
Good luck with the craft making, good idea to sell through Facebook, saves an early morning start with a car boot!
I never went to college, it must be so different, hope Big Son enjoys himself!
Lisa x

Kelly said...

ooo i love the colours you're using for the crochet blanket!