Thursday, 13 September 2012

I've actually made something!!!

Good evening

How has your week been so far? The weather here in Suffolk has been mostly kind and I've been plodding on with my late for 2012/early for 2013 'spring' cleaning!  Blooming spiders they been so busy.

As well as the boring stuff, I've found time to do some making - first I've really done since May;

 I went back to my S&B group last night for the first time in ages - a combination of the weather, apathy and lack of mojo meant I'd not been for a couple of months. Was lovely to see friends again and have a good catch up - new babies, graduations and other news. I quickly made this little felt owl as a pressie for one of the groups birthdays as I knew she was an owl fan.

 As the weather was kind, I took photos of some of my other makes in the ivy on the side of the house. All of these are destined for a fair next month.

 I love making felt gingerbread men - must have made over a 100 in the past few years.

When I was in town the other day I went past one of the charity shops and something colourful caught my eye. I remember these books from my childhood - we had a vast Ladybird collection (wish we'd keep them all). The collage pictures of paper & wool brought back many happy memories - of reading these to myself and later on to my younger siblings.

Who else has been watching this on BBC2? Whilst I've enjoyed the other programmes in this series this one is my favourite. My Grandmas family lived in the countryside and she's often spoken about wartime life on the farm. I've ordered the free booklet that accompanies the series and I've added the official book to my online wish in case someone wants to be buy me something for the event in December that we must not mention yet!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Thrift Bee said...

I love your felt decorations. I imagine you've filled the owl with lavender?
I AM LOVING Wartime Farm!! Just finished watching the second one. Brilliant.

Gill said...

I'm loving wartime farm too! My favourite so far! My mum was a land girl and my dad was a farmer and war ag advisor!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh the owl is soooo sweet. Beautiful colours. xx

Beki said...

Haven't seen Wartime Farm, must check it out.
Cute decs, love the owl xx

Lisa said...

The gingerbread men are so sweet! I taped the first episode and watched it the other night whilst doing my ironing. The farm is just down the road from us and we have been there twice recently, it's so strange seeing it on the TV! Got the second one to watch now too, am definitely going to order the booklet.
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I love your owl too.

Serenata said...

It's good to get making again, when you haven't for sometime. I hope the enthusiasm stays :-)

The Custards said...

Lovely things that you have made - felt is such a handy thing to work with because it doesn't fray!
I was just getting a little post about Manor Farm together as it is only up the road and we visit there at least once a 'season'! I love it - a very pretty garden.
Best wishes

Claire said...

those fekt ginger men are so cute! i havent seen that programme, might watch it on the internet at some point

Country Rabbit said...

wow look at your wonderful decorations - really lovely!!!!!
Ive made myself get cracking on a few christmasy makeys as i know how quickly time runs away...;0)
i havent seen all the series but the two i did see were a real insight into life at that time, i love the outfits, clothing warn x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

So glad you found your crafty mo jo back, they are lovely! Ada :)

Isobel said...

Love your makings. Specially the gingerbread men. So cute! xx

**Anne** said...

Your crafty makes are gorgeous, especially the owl.
Anne xx

Vix said...

That owl rocks! I love him! x

Diane said...

Loving the Wartime Farm - Ive loved all these type of programmes. I think I may be starting to get my crafting mojo back too - perhaps its a seasonal thing. xxx

BadPenny said...

I love the gingerbread men & the little house !
We plan to visit the farm as it's fairly near. I want to take my mum.