Thursday, 20 September 2012

What's yours?

Good afternoon

I found a total bargain in the charity shop (not the one I work in)  the other day - this bracelet;

I've seen these for sale in a little jewellers nearby and really liked them - however the price (£20) and the fact I didn't know if I could get one over my hand without using soap put me off buying one. This one was in the window and only £1 so I took a chance - with a bit of help from a squirt of washing up liquid, it was over my hand and I've worn it since (yes I can get it off again the same way).

Chocolate is my weakness but I'm trying hard at the moment to not eat it (and other less healthy things) - so far so good - my jeans feel a bit loser! Oh and I've a gym induction session next week!

As the weather has turned here and the promise of frost coming soon, I thought it time to pick all my tomatoes from the garden. Some had been eaten by something and I decided I'd rather not share them. We've eaten loads too and they have been so tasty. However there were as every year some that were never going to ripen - so it was time for chutney making;

 Everything assembled - tomatoes from the garden, local apples and onions and some of my homegrown chillies too.

 The chopping up took rather a while but the colourful result was rather pretty.

All that work for 5 large full jars and one part jar which I've sampled and declared delicious :)

One last thing for today - a lesson in always having your camera with you. I didn't but luckily I had my phone with me - though its picture quality is more suited to Instagram than blogging. 

I was on my way to visit my Grandma and walking up the drive looking for blackberries. I noticed a 'swarm' of something fly over me and settle on the ivy growing along the wall. It was butterflies - about 50 of them - I couldn't get to close to take a picture but managed to snap a couple of them;

There were loads of Red Admirals and a few Tortoiseshell? ones too. Very pretty - never seen so many butterflies in place at the same time.

I don't think I'll be seeing any wildlife tomorrow - the forecast is rather soggy - thank goodness I've a day at home planned.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Lisa said...

Great bracelet and even better a great bargain too!
Hope the gym induction goes ok next week.
Lisa x

Lisa said...
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Vix said...

That chutney looks absolutely heavenly, forget chocolate, that's my weakness (along with a huge hunk of cheese)!
That bangle is cool and how amazing it must have been to see those butterflies in flight! xxx
PS I'm under strict orders NOT to look at anything else at Sunday's vintage fair!

LaaLaa said...

Great bargain there and the chutney looks scrummy!

**Anne** said...

That chutney looks fantastic and isn't it wonderful to make something yourself from something homegrown. Tastes so much better than shop bought and you know what goes into it.
The butterflies are so pretty, what a lovely experience for you.
Anne xx

Josie-Mary said...

What a bargain! I love chutney but haven't made any for years :( How odd to have so many butterflies in one place! x

harmony and rosie said...

Yummy looking chutney, you remind me to make some for us .. the last lot is all gone now.
Happy weekend x

Jo said...

I agree about the chocolate..... Unfortunately its at the top of a long list for me!

BadPenny said...

What a fab bracelet ! Your chutney looks good - I'm going to make soup.
Pretty butterflies. I stood for a while watching three bees on the same passion fruit flower working like mad !
Good luck at the gym - I have also started to try to loose weight again.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

How gorgeous to see that many butterflies in one go in the wild, I love them. I believe the top one in your picture is a comma, but don't quote me!

Great bangle, I have some Indian glass ones which I can only get on and off by greasing myself up with hand lotion first!

I love chutney but am banned from making it as the Mr can't stand the smell of vinegar. Boo!

Highland Monkey's said...

Fraid choccy is a big weakness here as well! Great bargain bracelet. I bet all those butterflys were amazing to see.

Diane said...

I love home made chutney - but the kids complain like mad when I make it because of the strong vinegar smells! xxx