Monday, 15 April 2013

14 of 52 weeks of happy

Good morning

The sun is shining and the sky is blue - just waiting for a load of washing to finish before I hang it out to dry - I love this - such a simple pleasure.

Its the last day of the boys holidays today - tomorrow is back to school and in just a few weeks time the GCSE/AS level exams start - there is a 6 week period where both are doing exams - sometimes on the same day - really not looking forward to it - especially as we will have the same thing again next summer!

However - happy stuff - lots this week - even if many happy moments haven't got caught on camera. I wish we'd caught the time last night when we were cooking dinner the 3 of us - utter hysterics at my slightly 'merry' antics and a small incident with an open kitchen cupboard! Or the many moments with my mad biggest boy and his gangly dancing and general silliness.

Here's this weeks 4 happy pictures;

1 - Newly filled bird feeders have been very popular this week. Hard to get pictures unless I take them at max zoom from big sons bedroom window. Lovely to see all the birds visiting and to hear them when I wake in the morning. We've heard the owls in the neighbours oak tree and are hoping that we may see one more clutch of baby owls before we move.

2 - A new cd - bought at the gig last Saturday night and played over and over this week. Listening to it makes me smile and remember a fab night out and the promise of more to come.

3 - Blue skies - after months of grey, cold and dull days seeing blue skies and fluffy clouds instantly lifts the spirits.

4 - Another day, another dance out - this time yesterday afternoon at a pub in Ipswich. Not me in this pic but I am sure some will appear soon. Great fun and fab company - off out again in a couple of Sundays time - can't wait :)

See you soon - off out in a while to deliver a birthday card and I must remember my camera as I've spotted some lovely hints of spring I'd like to photograph.

xxx Vicki xxx


forgetmenots blue said...

Love reading your posts.
Lovely blue sky how I've missed them! I know what you mean about the simple pleasure of hanging washing outside I get that completely....still rain on and off here in north wales maybe tomorrow :)

greenthumb said...

Lovely moments.

greenthumb said...
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Dawn said...

I listened to the dawn chorus this morning which I have mixed feelings about - it was lovely but it was also 5am!

Ladybird Diaries said...

Lovely happy moments!
M x

Vix said...

Positive, upbeat and happy post! How lovely that you're getting out loads with the promise of more to come! x

Delia Ryder said...

Hi, sounds like you are having loads of fun at the moment good to hear it ;-) I have started up a new blog be lovely to see you there, best wishes, dee x