Friday, 26 April 2013

A Ta-dah for Friday!

Good afternoon

I promised yesterday that I would show you my latest make once it had been handed over - well here it is. A blanket for a sister for her 40th birthday yesterday. I'd met her in the morning and handed over what she though were her pressies! I then spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon frantically finishing her main pressie - a blanket. I started in plenty of time in the autumn but what with 'other' stuff it was debatable whether it would get finished on time - however there's nothing like a last minute panic to spur you on!!

The edges do lay flat when persuaded!!

My sister loved it :) However I've started something - the next sister hits 40 in 18 months time and apparently she needs one too! AND the other 3 will want them when it eventually gets to be their turn!!

This morning there was some good news - a mortgage has been sorted for the new house and I've been paid for lots of shop shifts. Therefore it meant only one thing - time to think about my next project - a blanket for my superking sized bed! I stood in the shop for ages trying to find a colour combination I liked - I knew I wanted just 3 colours this time and the plan is for a giant granny square in wide 4 or 5 round stripes.

The yarn I choose comes in huge 400g balls and its an aran with 20% wool so should be lovely and snuggly when its eventually finished. I knew straight away that the green had to be part of the colour palette and once I'd settled on the pink it was just a matter of the 3rd colour - thank goodness for lovely customers in the shop and my friend too - we settled on a tweedy petrol blue. Can't wait to see how this all looks once I get started. In fact I might just do that now!

Have a good weekend all - I'm off out on Sunday - lunch with friends and then dancing at a pub :) The boys are off to spend time with P and eat him out of house and home for a change!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Lovely blankie for your sister. Well done. Gosh, you have 5 sisters (did I count that right?) - you'll be busy. Congrats on the mortgage offer and good luck with the crocheted blanket for your bed - the colours are gorgeous. xx

The Faerie Factory said...

What a lovely blanket the edges are fabby and the colours for the new project are stunning... Sarah x

Ladybird Diaries said...

I love the blanket you made for your sister, it's beautiful, great colours.
M x

The Custards said...

Lovely crochet and lovely choice of colours - pastels are so very in darlink! I might have to revive my faded crochet 'skills'...
Have a lovely weekend
Best wishes

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Well done, that edging is great! :) x

Vix said...

That blanket is beautiful, what a fantastic 40th birthday pressie.
Great news on the mortgage. Have fantastic weekend, let's virtually clink glasses when we crack open our home alone wine later! xxx

forgetmenots blue said...

Lovely blanket looks really good :)

katysclutter said...

Well done always good to finish a project :)

Lisa said...

You're going to be very busy on one blanket or another for the foreseeable future!
Glad the things for your new home are coming together.
Lisa x

thriftwood said...

Wow Vicki, 5 sisters! You ave definitely started something and they will be comparing so they will all have to be equally beautiful!

Congratulations on your mortgage, it will be great to see your new home

Have a wonderful weekend

Claire xxx

Lizzy said...

Love the blanket, but you are going to be busy making one for each of your sisters.
Great colours that you have chosen for you one, have a cardy in that green! Looking forward to seeing how it is coming along.
Have a good weekend, Lizzy

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely blanket, what a lucky sister! Love the colours for your new project :) x

Rose said...

Lovely blanket, no wonder your sister is pleased with it, I love the colours you've picked for your new blanket too :-)

Rose x

greenthumb said...

Lovely blanket, I bet your sister loved it.