Friday, 5 April 2013

A rather special new man :)

Good evening

Just a quick post. Thanks for the lovely comments / emails regarding my little hospital visit - I've been ok this week - very careful with what I eat & drink and so far no pain. Plus its been a tad less stressful this week too - plans slowly coming together.

Whilst I was in one part of the hospital last weekend, my baby sister was in another giving birth!!

Today I got to meet my new nephew for the first time and it was love at first sight;

 New baby F is so cute - I could have just smuggled him home ;) Rather lovely now - I've two nieces and two nephews.

Now my boys can't really remember when the others were born but they've been rather excited about this new arrival. Big Son was lucky that he got a cuddle today and the look on his face was priceless (just wish I'd managed to get a photo).

Can't believe that once Big Son was that size - he's a giant now well over 6 foot tall and built like a gangly giraffe!

Have a good weekend all - the sun is supposed to shine and I am off on my first Morris dance-out tomorrow night!! One dance gets me free entry to an excellent gig that I was itching to go too - just hoping I can remember all the steps and I don't hit anything I shouldn't with my stick!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Lizzy said...

There is something very special about having a baby nephew, your sisters baby!
Good luck with the dancing. Lizzy x

Primroses Attic said...

What cute pictures, congratulations to you all.Enjoy your dancing.

Miss Magpie said...

Nephews are definitely the best. Glad to hear you are feeling better and good luck with the morris dancing, I'm sure you will be fine.

greenthumb said...

How lovely a new baby, so very special. Nice how a little thing like that brings the whole family together.

**Anne** said...

How cute is that baby Aunty Vicki?! :) He's adorable.
Good luck and have fun with your dancing.
Anne xx

Josie-Mary said...

How cute! Enjoy your dancing :) x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

He's just gorgeous! Glad you are feeling a bit better, have a good, pain free weekend! :) x

Ladybird Diaries said...

He is gorgeous!
M xxx

Amanda said...

Have a lovely weekend, you deserve it after last week.

dottycookie said...

Hope the dancing has gone really really well and you enjoy the gig!