Thursday, 25 April 2013

Springing to life :)

Good afternoon

Oh yes day 5 of spring here in Suffolk - no socks, washing drying on the line, windows open and sunlight streaming through the windows - blissful. Am ignoring the fact that tomorrow might be different instead I am enjoying now.

First thing this morning the garden was damp from overnight rain but I could see more signs of spring so went for a wander;

Oh yes no socks - just wonderful another few degrees warmer and I might have hunted down my sandals. Least I've been able to wear some long forgotten favourite skirts this week.

 Ladybirds are coming out of hibernation - I keep finding them on the washing when I bring it indoors - they always get put back outside, usually on one of the huge hebes in the front garden.

 Our cherry tree is always late to blossom - today the buds look so close to bursting - I am sure it won't be long :)

 The pear tree is slightly ahead - I noticed the first blossom flowers this morning.

Remember those colourful threads in a few posts ago? Well that project has now been finished - its needed for tonight and I finally finished just an hour ago! Once its been handed over I can show you it in its colourful gorgeousness - IG friends will already have had a sneak preview!!

Now you know I like to swim against the tide - well when it was cooler the other week we were having salad for dinner - tonight its warm so we're having a homemade curry - oh the smell - just wonderful!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Great red shoes! Isn't it lovely to see the blossom at long last! :) x

Vix said...

Whatever you're wearing looks fab, love those shoes and the petticoats! The magnolia tree's about to burst forth, can Spring really be on the way? x

forgetmenots blue said...

Lovely lady bird photo. Cant wait to see them here not spotted one yet :)

Little Dotty Bird said...

hoorah for Spring! It's so weird that first picture could be of me..I have the same skirt, which I also wear with black leggings and very similar shoes! You have such good style! he he! :)

The Faerie Factory said...

Loving the red shoes.... so nice to finally see signs of Spring it's been a long time coming. Sarah x

Claire said...

your shoes look soooo comfy xx

sandy said...

Love your Spring inspiring images! Now wish Spring would come HERE! Have a wonderful weekend!

Josie-Mary said...

I think spring is on it's way, I noticed blossom on my apple tree yesterday..... very late this year :( x

Sheila said...

I love those trees so pretty, but i haven't seen a ladybird for ages, thank you for sharing, i love them!

katysclutter said...

Yeah, spring has finally sprung, nice skirt too!