Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2013 - March

Good afternoon

I know two posts in one day! Well to be honest I am too tired to even think about what I should be doing (hoovering) so instead I've opted for a cuppa and computer session! Hoovering can wait till tomorrow.

Here are my efforts for the Photo Scavenger Hunt for March - bear in mind non-UK visitors - the weather has been utter pants here and the light dismal. Not as many outside shots as I'd like.

 Bridge - taken from inside our town museum on a very snowy day - the foot bridge which links the park to some nearby houses.

 Three - easy one - me & my boys.

 Dessert - pudding at a birthday meal at the beginning of the month.

 Bubbles - snapped from the TV at the end of Sunday's Boat Race - this year it was the dark blues of Oxford who were victorious.

 Empty - a rare sight - the dirty laundry bin completely empty!! Doesn't happen often!

 Gate - at the side of my house.

 Eggs - decorating the top of my birthday cake.

 Toys - the pre-move sort out continues - these wooden vehicles belonged to the boys when they were much smaller.
 Shoes - well boots actually - my new ones for Morris Dancing in - they get their debut dance out this coming weekend!!
 Person in uniform - Little Son at the first brass engagement of the year.

 Water - coming from a running tap - something we all take for granted in the developed world.

Green - the grass when it began to reappear from under its snowy blanket. Its recovered nicely and now is awaiting its first cut of the season!

Quite glad to finally hand these in! The new list for April is;

Your town/city
Night light
Take off

Linking as ever to Greenthumb's blog.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx



Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Your cake looks delicious, yep the hoovering can wait! :) x

topchelseagirl said...

That pudding looks yummy! Like your boots too.

greenthumb said...

Thanks for taking part in the Scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of water and the bridge. Thanks Greenthumb.

greenthumb said...

Did you link up?

Shell said...
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Shell said...

An empty laundry basket is a rare sight indeed in our house :-)

Ladybird Diaries said...

Great photos. Love the look of that pudding...
M xxx

Little Blue Mouse said...

That dessert is making my mouth water!

Sheila said...

Love this, what pretty pictures!

Louise said...

I love the look of those boots. Hope you enjoy your dance in them!

Great photos :)

katysclutter said...

Love the look of that pudding and the sight of an empty washing basket is pure bliss ahhh the satisfaction!

Lizzy said...

Oh for an empty washing basket!

Paula said...

Those wooden toys are lovely, so much nicer than plastic ones and I really like your boots, they look comfortable.

Tanya said...

Lovely photos! Such fun seeing everyone else's photos. That dessert looks good! x

Amanda Graham said...

Hi, just getting around to looking at everybody else's scavenger hunt photos as I've been away. There's a lot that made me smile- The dessert, the boots and the gate- more for the caravan behind- I used to love caravanning when I was a child- what happy memories. Thanks for sharing.