Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Another day - another birthday :)

Yep, we reached another birthday here in the VV household, this time its the turn of big son, who is 14 today.

From this little baby who fitted nicely onto Daddy's lap;
Via a cute little boy who was obsessed with tractors & trains;

Growing into a huge lanky teenager with an enormous appetite, a big smile and wicked sense of humour;

Blowing out the candles on his Top Gear inspired car (made by me)- note the Lamborgini car (stolen from his room) and gingerbread & fondant icing Stig (made by little son);

As he's off out tonight to test his badminton raquet it means I can escape to S&B group for more nattering and knitting :)

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx


RosieP said...

Ahh, Happy birthday to Big Son, the cake looks fab by the way.

Hugs RosieP x

Vintage Vixen said...

Happy birthday and what a cool cake!

Kate said...

And I bet it only seems like yesterday ...
Happy Birthday to your big boy.

Floss said...

Wow - 14! Happy Birthday to him and congratulations to all of you for getting this far!

karen said...

Happy 14th birthday !!!!!
They really do grow up so quickly don't they.

Thanks for popping by and leaving me a helpfull comment.
He does like the innocence smoothies although hubby only let's me buy them when they're on offer ( must be the scottish in him lol) I'd never really thought about making our own. It would be great fun and something that he could make himself ( with supervision of course!!)

magsmcc said...

Impossible to believe they get so tall! I look forward to it- especially if they develop your skill for cake decorating!

made with love said...

Ah, bless him. Happy birthday.
Rachael XX

Posie Patchwork said...

OMG a STIG cake, too cool. You should post it on Cake Wreck - a really terrible blog with the most awful cakes, BUT they also have a day where they do cake success - THAT is where you should post it. Have a giggle at the rest, love Posie

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Ah the Stig was inspirational good work! and Happy 14th Birthday!

Sarah x

maypole said...

Gosh, looking back at baby pics makes me tearful. Lovely post