Saturday, 20 February 2010

Watch out there's a monster about ;)

What do you get if you mix a bored 12 year old, Mum's felt drawer & sewing supplies with 5 eyes choosen from the haberdashery shop?


(note the 5th eye on the tail poking over the shoulder)
From this picture;

Little son drew his own pattern and raided the felt stuffed drawer to find what he needed. He did most of the cutting out himself and almost all the sewing. He also realised that some of the original design was too complicated so was able to scale it back. My role was to untangle any knots in thread and to machine sew the 2 colours for the body together.

He's rather proud of it & rightly so and is now planning on making one for his little 5 year old cousin.

Off to watch the celebs embarass themselves @ dancing.

xxxx Vicki xxxx


melanie said...

Lol, thats the cutest monster I have ever seen, well done to your son. :) xxx

bellaboo said...

He's very imaginative and creative too.Who does he take after I wonder?!! Love the monster...has he got a name?

Bellaboo :o)

vivwild said...

I think he's brilliant. Has he got a name yet?

VintageVicki said...

Just called Monster. Have told him that everyone likes it & he says 'thanks'.

I guess years of watching me make stuff is rubbing off on him :)

Sarah said...

Oh wow he did a great job of that monster!!! How fabulous that he wants to learn to make things instead of what most children want to do these days. You know, boring stuff.

I can't believe after all you lovely comments I haven't got you on my blog list!!! Not sure how I mucked up there but I'm about to rectify that! I'll enjoy a little catch up session here later.

Teena said...

this is a great learning experience, how creative!

Catherine said...

Well Done! A talent in the making!!

Alexandra Mason said...

Monster is brilliant! xx

MarmaladeRose said...

What a cracking monster. Very good. I like his mums rag doll too.

Florence and Mary said...

oooooohhhh scary monster!!!!

Victoria xx

andamento said...

That's excellent! Great that he designed it himself and did most of the work, and you let him too!

sarah-jane down the lane said...


Ahoy, I spy a pasty!

Sarah x