Thursday, 11 February 2010

Just Thursday

Will this winter ever end?  I can't remember one like it - seems we've had snow/frost almost every day since the middle of December.  I have a real longing now for wearing sandals and a lot less layers.

Despite the best efforts of the weather to scupper S&B group last night - it went ahead.  We're now a group of over 20 regulars - with about 15 of those there last night.  Have to blame the icy roads for putting those living out of the town in more rural areas off.

A real mixture of skills and abilities. One lady who came last night is a brilliant knitter but wanted help learning to use a sewing machine.

I'll have to be honest - lots of nattering does go on but even with that I was able to finish another square for my blanket.

One of the things we all do is bring craft books to share and inspire. I was lent this book by a sister (an amazing knitter);
Haven't actually uttered those words yet - but the phrase 'Wait till I've finished my row' is becoming increasingly used in this house!!

Lots of stuff in there and loads of pictures - my favourite is this one - perhaps its a Peruvian S&B group?;

Right the half term holidays start in about 1/2 an hour when the boys come in. Lots planned including big son going on a scout camp for the weekend - rather him than me.

BTW - thanks for all the birthday wishes & comments yesterday - he had a great day.

Tiil next time

xxxx Vicki xxxx


RosieP said...

I love the hat's the Peruvian ladies wear, they always make me smile. Book looks very good actually, enjoy.

Hugs RosieP x

made with love said...

Have a lovely half term.
your comment about the wait till I get to the end of the row made me smile.
Rachael XX

A Country Girl said...

Was sorry to miss it but as an out of towner was definately put off by the icy roads.
Planned to do my crafting at home but ended up turning out a messy desk instead (in search of picture wire for a craft project and never did find any!)

Serenata said...

Oh I wish there was a group like yours near me. I'd come for sure!

bellaboo said...

Your knitting group sounds like a lot of fun!
When I was little,I always wondered why my Mum sometimes said "Shhush" when she was knitting and we asked her a question.Now I'm a knitter I know why!

Bellaboo :)

Linda said...

Some friends and I keep threatening to start an informal craft group - S 'n' B seems to fit the bill perfectly! - Can you let me know what format if any, it takes please. Where is your group - perhaps I could visit and get an idea ? Linda x As a cub leader I can't even start to image Scout camp in Feb!! I'm cold enough n June!!

Mary Poppins said...

Sounds a super little group, can I come ;) Happy belated birthday for your young man, hope you all have a lovely lovely day


Jenny said...

Wouldn't it be amazing to knit with those Peruvian ladies, I bet they make wonderful items using luxurious yarns. They do seem to be concentrating hard, not much chatting going on so maybe stick with the group you have.

a mermaids purse said...

i used to go to a 'stitchy bitchy' group in devon...lots of lovely ladies who could knit so well. i felt so ashamed of my meezly knitting attemps i stopped going- but really i should have stayed and tried to get better, while pregnant i did manage to knit a blue and white blanket- then discovered it was a girl hehe ;0) lovely blog!!!!xxxx

VintageVicki said...

Linda - you have mail ;)

Thanks ladies - I realise how lucky me & Country Girl are having a group in town. There is an official S&B website & they list groups all over the country.

Pomona said...

I feel just the same about this winter - I have really had enough! The book looks good - will have to investigate.

Pomona x

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, wishing you a lovely weekend and a love filled Valentine’s Day.

Love & Hugs