Sunday, 28 February 2010

A weekend of contrasts

Good evening

Well Saturday was a treat - sunshine, blue skies and most importantly no rain :)

The boys went off to play badminton together, MrVV went off to take part in his band recording and I was left to my own devices :)  As it was nice I cycled into town to get a few bits & pieces.  I treated myself to a magazine - this months Good Homes Mag. My goodness its not often I get an extra mag these days but this one was well worth it - lots of articles, plenty of colour and inspiration.

In the afternoon I settled down in my sewing room - I wanted to get another ragdoll finished. Her she is with her friend;

Am already planning on making another one - there's a chance of selling some stuff @ a craft fair in May and I've been offered the chance to put items into a local shop too :)

Back to the Good Homes mag ;

Apart from the CK article there's one house in there that wouldn't look out of place in blogland;

Loving the random knitted blanket

A girl can never have enough bags ;)
I love this dresser too.

The weather today has not been great - woke to the sound of rain hammering at the windows.  As MrVV was out again today, the boys & I have kept ourselves amused indoors.

Little son is doing a project in History about the 1960's and the Beatles so we've been busy contacting grandparents & friends to ask them some questions for his homework.  We've also had various Beatles cd's on full blast - had forgotten how good some of their stuff is.  Have also been googling information so he now knows more about the Fab Four. 

Have been continuing with my knitting - progress now charted in my sidebar ;)

Lastly I've been playing with my layout & header.  I took the header pic to go on some invitations I need to send to family to my birthday tea-party next month and thought that Jane, Rabbit & Orange would make a new spring header too :)

BTW - Fridays concert was quite good - little sons band of course were excellent.  However I do wish they'd heat our church as I was frozen stiff by the end of the evening!!

xxxx Vicki xxxx


TheMadHouse said...

Oh wow to the rag doll, you have got them cracked I think!

I also love the new blog header too. I must get round to doing one for mine at some point

topchelseagirl said...

Love the new header. A birthday tea-party, how refined lol.

Isobel said...

I really love your rag dolls!

Also love the new header. So sweet!

made with love said...

Loving your ragdolls, well done on the shop front,
Rachael XX

bellaboo said...

Your new header is lovely!I'm going to get that mag tomorrow,after seeing your pics.
Rag dolls are so sweet!

Bellaboo :o)

Alexandra Mason said...

Love your rag dolls and your header looks wonderful! Hope you have a great week xx

Sarah said...

So did you get a blasting of Love, love, love then too?!! Still can't get that song out of my head.

Love your new header. Wish I knew how to make one.

Your dollies look beautiful and good fun to put together. And that mag sure does look good. You can't beat a good mag and a cuppa ing the afternoons.

Kali said...

Hi Vicki,
Congratulations, you left a message on my blog for my February giveaway and have won!
Please drop by to my blog and leave me an email (found in my profile) with your postal address, so as I can forward on your prize.
Thanks for entering, & I look forward to hearing from you soon.
xo, Kali @ Poppy Lane