Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More spring colour :)

Am trying hard to convince myself that spring is really close - the weather even hinted at it yesterday & today when it didn't rain all day!!  There are bulbs in the garden bravely forcing their way through the soil and I look forward to them bursting into colour when the sunnier days arrive.

In a bid to brighten things up I've treated myself to some new fabric FQ's & ribbon - for making eggs & a raggy doll for myself;

I quickly made a small egg this afternoon using the green & yellow fabric - quite pleased with it, definately a better size.  It & the book are coming with me to S&B tonight as I know a few others want to trace patterns out of there.

I've mentioned that I've been plodding on with my knitting - now have 25 squares finished and sewn together - am definately improving - no more dropped stitches or ones added in ;) Its not perfect by any means but not bad for a complete beginner.

Have now started on the  24 squares that will make up the next border - am loving these colours together;

Right off to pack my stuff for tonight - I wonder how much knitting will be achieved this week?

xxxx Vicki xxxx


bekimarie said...

Lovely Spring colours, let's hope it will soon be here :)

Beki xxx

Sarah said...

Oh well done Vicky! That's amazing for a beginner. You must really enjoy knitting to have done so much. Your wools and fabrics are wonderful together, very spring like indeed. Eggs sound pretty good for Easter. Can't wait to see how you make them. Happy knitting!

Floss said...

We actually had some spring weather today, so your colours seem jst righjt! I hope it comes to you soon, too.

Thanks for letting me konw about your magazine swap post - I've been a bit (a lot?) out of touch while in the UK with family. Those mags do look good - I really enjoyed my Canadian one on my flight home.

Floss said...

Good grief, I can't type on an AZERTY keyboard since I got home! Sorry about my incoherent comment!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Loved your raggy doll! really cute and good idea using ribbon for the hair.

Wow loving your blanket, go girl. Its hard isnt it when you are learning something new - you just want to get it there and then. (maybe thats just me) I have been learning crochet and just coming to the end of my first project, its a good feeling.
The eggs for easter sound really fun to make are they very hard? (to make that is not if they have been boiled lol ;0)


made with love said...

Well you are doing so well with your blanket. I am loving seeing it progress.
I am also loving those lovely spring fabrics. I think I need some spring gingham!!!
Rachael XX

maryannlucy said...

Spring is definitely in the air - your blanket is looking great :)

magsmcc said...

These are such prodective pre-spring days of yours. I wonder what you will achieve when the sap really starts to rise!

Kelly said...

I hope spring is on it's way! I'm bored of bad weather now! Lovely colours I bet the egg is fantastic!

bellaboo said...

It's been pouring for two days here!Your knitted cushion is lovely,and I like your choice of colours and the way you have put them together.

Bellaboo :o)

topchelseagirl said...

Those colours are lovely together.

RosieP said...

Well done, the blanket is coming on a treat, I feel the same about my crochet baby blanket, keep going with it.

Hugs RosieP x

TheMadHouse said...

I love the colours, wonderful