Sunday, 14 February 2010


Ok so slightly less cynical than yesterday - mainly due to the large box of Thorntons chocs that I was given this morning - along with a card. Very sneaky MrVV had managed to buy these yesterday when we were shopping and I'd not even noticed - must have been when little son dragged me into a shop to look at clothes - think they may have planned this!
and yes Country Girl - despite my Facebook status - I have shared them :)

So of course I had to get even in the soppy stakes - so whilst doing the veggies for dinner tonight, I happened to shape a roast potato for MrVV;

Well now thats another celebration almost over - judging by the shops this weekend we've a few more to come over the next few weeks - starting with Shrove Tuesday this week, via Mothering Sunday & my 40th next month and Easter of course in April.

This coming week of course is the school holidays and the boys have several things planned with their friends. On Friday big son went off to a Scout/Explorer camp - we've got the packing for these down to a fine art and really only put the essentials in - changes of clothes for only if he gets really muddy or wet.  The deal is that he comes back and literally gets straight into the bath, stopping only to leave his camp clothes in the garage by the washer. This weekend was no exception - everything smelt of campfires and apparently possibly had a hint of rabbit remains on it.  One activity was gutting, skinning and cooking rabbits (fortunately these had already been caught).  This pic was taken before he left & was all nice & clean - trust me you wouldn't want to see the home coming version!!

Right - off to knit & watch Larkrise. See you sometime during the week - have a few things I'd like to show you. For those with children - enjoy your half-terms.

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Linda said...

Ah...yes........ the dreaded return from Scout camp - as a leader it normally means dirty clothes from me and my son - lots of washing! Off to do the same - usually it is Larkrise and ironing but got that chore out of the way early and its sewing tonight! Thanks for your email - have a coffee with a fellow crafter in a couple of weeks and hope we may come up with a S & B plan!! Linda x Enjoy half term!

made with love said...

Oh I have got all that to come. but you just mentioning it did bring back some lovely memories of camps I went on as a child. I do remember that smell so clearly.
Glad you had a good day and were spoiled.
Love your roasty.
Rachael XX

karen said...

hmmmmm Just like rachel I'm sure I've got this all to come but I think I'm safe for a few years yet though lol.
RE the chickens. My hubby said no to start with too. I draged him along to a chicken farm and by the end of our visit he had them all eating out of his hands, then within a week he had built me a hen house lol.
Keep working on that on hunni hehehe.


RosieP said...

I love the potoato !

Hugs RosieP x

bellaboo said...

Those camps sound great fun, I never went on one myself and not sure I could do the 'rabbit' thing!
Mmmm,nice chocs from Mr VV.Have a good half term week.

Bellaboo :)

Sarah said...

I remember going on Brownie holidays - I always remember coming back absoloutely filthy!

A Country Girl said...

Hope camp went well - you need to change big son's age on your profile!

Serenata said...

Explorer camps - I know JUST how they come home! Definitely NOT clean!;-D

I've got room in one shoe - that big enough? :-)